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I know there are some who plan to live-stream Nick’s funeral service on Saturday. For that reason I have created a page that can be bookmarked; a link to the video will be added on Saturday morning. The service will begin at approximately 10 AM EST.

Also, many have asked if there is a way to honor Nick’s memory. We would ask you to consider the Nick Challies Memorial Scholarship through which we hope to see men trained to carry out the work that was so near and dear to Nick—local church ministry.

There is once again an impressive list of Kindle deals to work through.

(Yesterday on the blog: The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self)

But When Will I Be a Man, Sir?

There are some interesting cross-cultural observations on manhood in this article. “We are all so prone to confuse our principles with our own cultural expressions. Being a man in America means I don’t hold another man’s hand, whereas I might be expected to in Melanesia or Central Asia. Manliness is often communicated in the West as a rough, unkempt sort of look, whereas Central Asian manly men are into immaculate grooming, poetry, flowers, and drinking tea from small dainty glass cups. Be careful if you laugh though, they all know how to jerry-rig the electricity as well as shoot an AK-47. Yes, while also wearing skinny jeans.”

A Story About A Call To Missions

I love hearing about how different people experience the call to missions.

Henry ‘Ōpūkaha‘ia and the Birth of Christian Missions in the Hawaiian Islands

“Henry ‘Ōpūkaha‘ia lived only 26 years and is seldom known outside of Hawaii. And yet, many believe that his love for the gospel changed the course of his islands forever.” What a fascinating story…

Our Weeping Saviour

What a blessing it is to have a Saviour who has wept.

How Do I “Count It All Joy” ?

“Joy does not arise naturally from us as we suffer the effects of the fall of this life. Why would James exhort the readers of his epistle to ‘count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds’ (James 1:2)? His words seem to be jarring initially, especially at the beginning of a letter to exiles who have been dispersed from their homes…”

The Last Children of Down Syndrome

It is nothing less than a tragedy that Down Syndrome is being eradicated, and that’s because eradicating the condition is actually eradicating the people.  This is a tragic longform article from The Atlantic. “Down syndrome is frequently called the ‘canary in the coal mine’ for selective reproduction. It was one of the first genetic conditions to be routinely screened for in utero, and it remains the most morally troubling because it is among the least severe. It is very much compatible with life—even a long, happy life.”

Flashback: Give Me a Man with an Open Bible!

It’s far better to hear a sermon on marriage by an unmarried man with an open Bible than an experienced husband who brings nothing more than his own wisdom.

Everywhere there’s a believer on this earth, there should be a taste of the victory that Christ will bring when he comes to reign on earth. —Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

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