A La Carte (November 3) – Tim Challies

I know this is a big day in America. Do know that I and many others are praying for your nation today—for her peace, for her people, and, perhaps above all, for her Christians.

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(Yesterday on the blog: How To Lead and How To Follow)

3 Ways to Be a Christian on Election Day

Jared Wilson: “Barring an abstention from or ambivalence about politics altogether, how can we avoid getting caught up in the fray? How can Christians participate in our electoral privileges, and even discuss and debate relevant issues, without compromising our witness? Here are three ways I’d suggest we can wisely engage in our political process without losing perspective on what matters more than who wins or loses.”

King over Chaos

Here’s another election-themed article that you may benefit from. “Global pandemic. Crashed economy. Racial pain. City violence. 2020 has been quite a year. And very soon, a polarized nation elects a president. Are you having fun yet? It often feels to me like the world is spinning out of control and back into primordial chaos.”

The Sound of Salvation

You may enjoy this reflection on the sound of salvation.

Improving in Preaching

There are lots of good tips here for pastors who would like to improve their preaching. (And, I suppose, for those who don’t think they need to improve their preaching.)

How Do I Know If I Am Saved? (Video)

This video of Sinclair Ferguson is brief, but helpful. He addresses how you can know that you’re saved.

How Formal Membership Makes the Church a Family

“The life of the church may feel more natural and organic in church without formal membership—but it’s the organic relationships of a commune, not a family. Communes are just people who happen to live near one another, but a family is a web of organic relationships that develop within defined commitments and roles. If you want the church to be a family, commit to formal church membership.”

Breathe in the Happiness of Heaven

Today is a great day to breathe in the happiness of heaven. Here Randy Alcorn relates his experience with happiness: “I never considered what I gave up to follow Christ as sacrifices — mainly because they hadn’t brought me happiness. Jesus now meant everything to me. I wasn’t trying to be happy; I simply was happy.”

Flashback: No Better (or Worse) Time To Be Disabled

We invest great care in those who are born with disabilities, but only after investing every effort in eradicating them before they are born. There is a full out holocaust against unborn children with disabilities, the risk of disabilities, or even the possibility of disabilities.

In reality the denial of prayer is a denial of God Himself, for God and prayer are so inseparable that they can never be divorced. —E.M. Bounds

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