A La Carte (October 6) – Tim Challies

There are lots of good Kindle deals to consider today, quite a lot of them dealing with church history.

(Yesterday on the blog: The Church Is You, So the Church Will Be Like You)

Bach: A Theologian at the Workplace

Jonathan Camiré has put together a great little introduction to Johann Sebastian Bach.

Why You Need to Read More Curiously

I consider one of life’s great pleasures being able to follow areas of curiosity into good books. “The absence of curiosity is a crucial attribute of a perishing society, with the consequences intertwining far more with our cultural interactions than we likely realize. Our unwillingness to act in a curious manner causes us to learn less, makes us more susceptible to falsehood, and generates a lack of profundity in our relationships.”

Luther: In Real Time (New Podcast)

It’s 1520. Martin Luther has been declared a heretic by Pope Leo X, and his books are being burned. How much longer before Luther himself is thrown into the fire? Each episode is released 500 years to the day after monumental events in Luther’s life. The journey begins on October 10. Subscribe today to this new podcast from Ligonier Ministries. (Sponsored Link)

Introducing the ‘Institutes’

At one time or another you’ve probably considered diving into the Institutes. If so, this may prove a good introduction.

The Danger and Blessing of a Pastoral Platform

A platform can be a good thing and having a wide influence can be beneficial. But there are some problems with it and chief among them is the desire for such a platform.”

Two Invisible Enemies: How Satan Might Use a Pandemic

Cassie Watson uses the pandemic as a helpful context to discuss how we can be “infected” by a far worse foe.

While We’re Waiting

This is an article about waiting and what the Lord may be doing in those times.

How to Prepare for the Next Cultural Revolution

Here are some tips on preparing for the next big cultural revolution.

Flashback: 6 Great Reasons To Study Doctrine

What you learn of God and what you learn about yourself through the Word of God leads you to live a life that honors him. Again, theology is not a cold pursuit of facts, but a red-hot pursuit of the living God, and it works itself out all over life.

So much of godly pastoring and parenting is about planting seeds and then waiting for God to give the growth. —Jonathan Leeman

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