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(Yesterday on the blog: That Time I Went After an Older, Godlier Man)

The Quiet Power of Ordinary Devotions

The grace of God sometimes lands on us like lighting, and sometimes falls like dew. During some devotions, God places us in the cleft of the rock and lets us catch the trailing edge of his glory as he passes by (Exodus 33:18–23). During others, he shrouds us in darkness so that we cannot see (Isaiah 50:10). Yet if we read patiently and faithfully, not trusting in our wisdom but crying out for God’s, then the grace of God, though perhaps hidden in the moment, will in due time reveal its silent working.”

College or Seminary Student: Make the Most of This Weird School Year

It is, indeed, an especially weird year for students. Students may benefit from this encouragement to make the most of it. “Two of the biggest benefits of higher education are content—gaining information that can help cultivate wisdom—and learning in a context of relationships with teachers and students. But what do you do when the normal experience of these is different? What do you do when the content is delivered over Zoom? How do you develop relationships when you spend less or no time on campus in proximity to friends and professors?”

Educate Yourself

Andrew Wilson writes about the oft-repeated phrase, “educate yourself,” and says it “has become a nauseating conversation-stopper in some circles, especially online, and that it contains some assumptions which need critique.”

Why Do So Many People Listen to Jordan Peterson?

Wyatt Graham suggests an answer to why so many people are drawn to Jordan Peterson.

Let’s Think About This For a Moment

“What do you think about? I suppose most of us could say, ‘I think about a lot of things.’ That’s true, but what characterizes most of your thinking?” It’s a good question and one worth pondering.

Worthy of Dishonor

This article wonders whether we are willing to suffer dishonor for the name of Jesus.


This article reminds us that “In this season of COVID19, many fellow travelers are waiting. Some in transit on this side of the ocean. Others across borders. Across the sea. Watching for countries and airports to open again.”

Flashback: Writing Tips: Tools & Context

The fact is, the context and the tools of our writing deeply impact the ease and the quality of our writing. Find the contexts and the tools that work best for you.

If teenagers are listening to three hours of TV every day and averaging five minutes a day talking with their dads, who is winning the influence battle? —Jay Younts

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