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A La Carte (September 10)

Right this moment’s Kindle offers embody some titles that I don’t suppose I’ve ever seen on sale earlier than (like Keep in mind Demise).

(Yesterday on the weblog: What’s the Level? (Various Methods to Body Your Sermon))

The First Sexual Revolution: The Triumph of Christian Morality within the Roman Empire

Kevin DeYoung opinions a ebook about how Christianity modified sexual morality throughout the Roman Empire. It’s an fascinating and vital evaluate, not simply because it helps set biblical context, but additionally as a result of it reveals that we aren’t the one era that’s needed to face fearsome, dangerous sexual mores.

‘Grand Bahama is Dead’: A Firsthand Take a look at Dorian’s Destruction

Right here’s a blunt, descriptive, firsthand take a look at the utter devastation on Grand Bahama.


This can be a nice little article on phrases and the Phrase.

How Conductors Lead Musicians (Video)

I don’t hearken to loads of the sort of music that necessitates a conductor, however I nonetheless loved this take a look at what conductors are doing up there.

Praying Past the Prayer Card

Abigail Murrish: “I’m realizing more and more that my telos informs my prayers for my daughter. My prayers also reveal the telos. And so often that telos is the same as the culture around me—I want safety and comfort, academic and professional success, a respected reputation in my community, and financial security. The only difference is that Christianity is merely the mechanism I use to meet it. As I look at my prayers, I’m challenged to go to scripture and let it reshape my vision of ‘the good life,’ and then let that new vision reshape my prayers.”

Why Telephones that Secretly Hearken to Us Are a Delusion

I wouldn’t say that this text affords conclusive proof that our telephones should not eavesdropping on us, however I’d say it does a reasonably good job of addressing what might be an city legend.

What Do My Finest Days Value?

“Think of what Jesus left behind when he came to us. All the joys of heaven, in the presence of the Father, make even the best days on earth seem like a wasteland. He gave it up to spend thirty years experiencing all the agony of humanity. Jesus, for whom the entire creation was made, emptied himself to become our servant.”

Flashback: Six Causes Why Adultery Is Very Critical

Adultery is a critical matter. At the least, it’s a critical matter within the thoughts and coronary heart of the God who created intercourse and marriage and who put clever boundaries on them each. However why?

A La Carte (September 10)

So the top of the matter is that this: Reside for God. Obey the Scriptures. Consider others earlier than your self. Be holy. Love Jesus. And as you do this stuff, do no matter else you want, with whomever you want, wherever you want, and also you’ll be strolling within the will of God. —Kevin DeYoung

A La Carte (September 10)

A La Carte (September 10) A La Carte (September 10) A La Carte (September 10) A La Carte (September 10)

A La Carte (September 10)