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A La Carte (September 11)

You might take pleasure in “No Different Work,” a brand new EP of hymns from Redemption Hill Music that’s accessible without spending a dime by means of the standard channels.

The Poker Desk

It is a fantastic piece of writing from Barry York. “The table sat in the back corner of my parents’ large family room, surrounded by the paneled walls and sitting on the shag carpet so prevalent in the seventies. Seated on a wood base, the octagonal top had a vinyl pad with felt underneath to protect the wood. Four low-set wooden chairs, with oatmeal colored padded backs and seats for cushion, were set on caster wheels that did not function all that well on the shag. Though occasionally we used the table for a game or snack, its greatest use seemed to be for Dad’s poker games.”

Tying Up Fact with Threadbare Ribbons

It’s at all times a pleasure to learn Lore’s articles. “I lament the shift that happened in my life that catapulted me prematurely into places I didn’t belong. There were far more faithful, stalwart, and mature believers around me who had been tested and proven in a way I hadn’t. I had good ideas and a swift pen. I had a quick mind and a slow tongue. I had ready hands and no depth behind them. Maybe that’s all excessive, I am not given to seeing myself in fully honest ways. I think I meant well, truly thought I was doing good and right, was surprised to see so much affirmation poured on me. I didn’t mean to get ahead. I just did. I was very much the same person as before, still writing voraciously, but now that writing was being seen where before it had only been practiced.”

Wildlife Photographer of the Yr

As you may anticipate, there are some unbelievable images on this assortment from London’s Pure Historical past Museum.

He Should Enhance; Our Church buildings Should Lower

Jared Wilson: “See, nobody ever said, ‘We changed our music style and revival broke out.’ Nobody ever said, ‘We moved from Sunday School classes to small groups and the glory of God came down.’ Nobody ever said, ‘You would not believe the repenting unto holiness that happened when our pastor started preaching shorter sermons.’ No, all those things and more can be good things. Done for the right reasons, those can be very good moves to make, but the glory of God is best heard in the proclaimed gospel of Jesus Christ. So that’s where the glory-aimed church is going to camp out.”

The BBC: 100 Genders, 92 League Groups

Stephen McAlpine exposes a few of the utter madness unfold within the tradition round us. “I’m tempted to just get out the popcorn and sit and watch the train-wreck, but it’s too sad for that. It’s just a sign of the cultural/intellectual suicide we’re seeing in a society that has no base other than the individuated self. The bodies – whatever gender they deem themselves to be – will start to wash up on our cultural shores at some stage. I just hope there are enough people willing to care for these broken, confused souls.”

Why Snails Kill 200 000 Individuals Each Yr (Video)

Snails are the second deadliest creature on this planet.

Management Classes from Chick-fil-A

Right here, courtesy of an interview with TGC, are some useful management classes from Chick-fil-A.

Flashback: Have You Dedicated The Unpardonable Sin?

Have you ever ever puzzled when you have dedicated that one unpardonable sin the Bible talks about? Lots of people spend plenty of time actually involved about this, so it might do them good to pay attention in as I speak about why I believe it’s unlikely they’ve dedicated it.

A La Carte (September 11)

Our prayers could also be an index of how small and self-centred our world is. —D.A. Carson

A La Carte (September 11)

A La Carte (September 11) A La Carte (September 11) A La Carte (September 11) A La Carte (September 11)

A La Carte (September 11)