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A La Carte (September 20)

General it has been a little bit of a sluggish week for Kindle offers. That mentioned, there are a couple of at present which might be on the extra scholarly finish of the spectrum.

Boyce Faculty has a Preview Day developing; it was one in all these that satisfied my son (and his mother and father) that this was the place for him.

5 Pleas for Sung Worship

That is so good and mandatory. “With the passage of time, with exposure to different styles, to worship services in different cultures, and with a growing sense of conviction about how our singing should work, I have five pleas to make to my brothers and sisters when we gather to give God glory in song.”

Flower Energy

You most likely heard about Union Theological Seminary holding a ceremony to admit to crops. It’s straightforward sufficient to roll our eyes and snicker at them (neither of which is inappropriate). Carl Trueman does each, but in addition makes some essential and severe factors. “Liberal theology may well be rooted in highly sophisticated theories and articulated by extremely intelligent people, but it tends to result in liturgical practices that are at best banal and at worst childish. Talking to plants is a fine candidate for the latter category. Better the robust atheism of a Bertrand Russell or a Christopher Hitchens than the infantile antics of a typical liberal Christian.”


There may be knowledge right here! “Who influences you? Who do you follow? And why? Everyone has mentors, but I’m old school enough to want mine to have substance. I learn from people who have actually done something – not just thought up ways to tell others what to do.”

The Final Battle: The Closing Phrases of David Powlison’s Closing E-book

I feel you’ll be inspired to learn the ultimate phrases of David Powlison’s last e book.

Make Me a Cake

“Sometimes during the long dark nights, I wake. And I remember Autism, that dark cloud that settled over our lives years ago. And I think about how this is forever, at least on this Earth. How this is the rest of my life. And I wonder, how can I do this for the rest of my life?”

12 Causes to Decide to Expository Preaching 

Twelve is sufficient, isn’t it? When you’re going to be a preacher, please be an expositor! Jason Allen says, “Granted, bad sermons come in all forms, including expository, but I’m convinced biblical exposition is the healthiest and most faithful form of preaching.”

Get Notion for Free

Notion is a wonderful app that has many makes use of. It’s particularly good at note-taking. It’s now accessible totally free for individuals with a .edu e-mail deal with.

Flashback: A Day With Amy Carmichael (EPIC: India)

9 months into my round-the-world EPIC journey, I lastly visited India the place I used to be in a position to spend a day at Dohnavur Fellowship, the unbelievable group based by Amy Carmichael. Here’s a little little bit of what I noticed and skilled.

A La Carte (September 20)

A very good conscience can sleep within the mouth of a cannon, grace is a Christian’s coat of mail, which fears not the arrow or bullet…Grace places the soul into Christ, and there it’s protected, because the bee within the hive, because the dove within the ark. —Thomas Watson

A La Carte (September 20)

A La Carte (September 20) A La Carte (September 20) A La Carte (September 20) A La Carte (September 20)

A La Carte (September 20)