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A La Carte (September 23)

There are some solid Kindle deals today, thanks largely to Crossway and their weekly list.

(Yesterday on the blog: A Shepherd and His Dog)

5 Reasons Not to Give Announcements in Worship Service

Even if you don’t get rid of them altogether, at least make sure you take them seriously and do them well.

How Did Clapping on Planes Become Such a Divisive Issue?

I’m pretty sure I’ve only experienced clapping on a plane a) after a rough flight or landing and b) after landing in Latin American countries. Either way, I’m not as opposed to it as many people seem to be!

What’s in Your Soul That the Gospel Needs to Run a Sword Through?

That’s a great question: “What’s in your soul that the gospel ought to run a sword through? Are you searching for pleasure and meaning in ways contrary to God’s plan? Are you trying to write the story of your own glory with your life? Are there areas of stubborn sin you have yet to attack with the power of Christ’s grace?”

Over 1500 Educational Videos, Homeschool Curriculum, Creation Resources, and Audio Series Free for One Month! (SPONSORED LINK)

My friends at Compass Classroom started a monthly digital membership that includes all their high-quality video resources developed from a Christian worldview. I’ve known them since they first produced Modern Parables over a decade ago, and watched as they created new video curriculum for homeschoolers including Latin, Economics, History, Biology, and much more. Most recently, they produced the Is Genesis History? documentary and related materials that includes over 100 videos. You can get access to everything they’ve ever produced for one month free.

The Centrifuge of Suffering

“This beautiful place, like all others on our planet, has a hidden brokenness. As we round the mountain curves to return home, I see the smooth amazing pavement which has replaced one of the most difficult roads in the world. I see the outlines of palms and the vibrant green of banana trees, testaments to rainfall and abundance. I see songbirds and sunsets, hear laughter, creativity, resilience, commitment.”

Five Years after Ebola

Here’s an account from the front lines. “Without this small mission hospital, many people—not just Ebola sufferers but other patients needing emergency cesarean sections or treatment for deadly fevers—would not be here today.”

The Pros and Cons of a Global Economy

Greg Forster offers some interesting thoughts on the global economy.

Do I Have To Be Baptized? (Video)

It seemed noteworthy that two videos showed up this weekend, both answering the question. The first was the short answer from Todd Friel, and the second the longer answer from John Piper.

Flashback: The Depth of My Depravity

You don’t know how deeply sinful you are by your unrighteousness deeds, but by your rejection of God and his grace. That is the most serious, heinous, and damnable sin of them all.

A La Carte (September 23)

Every saint must suffer because Christ suffered: Christ must not have a delicate body under a crucified head. —William Gurnall

A La Carte (September 23)

A La Carte (September 23) A La Carte (September 23) A La Carte (September 23) A La Carte (September 23)

A La Carte (September 23)