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A La Carte (September 25)

If you’re looking for something new to read, be sure to take a look at this week’s deals from Westminster Books.

Reading the Bible and Praying More Won’t Break Your Porn Addiction

This is a too-common experience: “Back when I was a college student, I had a lot of Christian friends who struggled with porn addiction. The key word here is ‘struggle’. In one group of men, there were a few running jokes about it. Instead of asking, ‘Did you look at porn this week?’ it was, So uh, how many times did you look at porn this week or today?’”

Accent Expert Breaks Down 4 Amazing Things About Languages (Video)

I found this fascinating.

Over 1500 Educational Videos, Homeschool Curriculum, Creation Resources, and Audio Series Free for One Month! (SPONSORED LINK)

My friends at Compass Classroom started a monthly digital membership that includes all their high-quality video resources developed from a Christian worldview. I’ve known them since they first produced Modern Parables over a decade ago, and watched as they created new video curriculum for homeschoolers including Latin, Economics, History, Biology, and much more. Most recently, they produced the Is Genesis History? documentary and related materials that includes over 100 videos. You can get access to everything they’ve ever produced for one month free.

Your Navigation App Is Making Traffic Unmanageable

Every technology comes with benefits and drawbacks. When it comes to navigation apps, we are beginning to understand some of the significant weaknesses.

From Innocents to Anxious Activists, What Are We Doing to Our Kids?

Terence Corcoran covers one of the concerns I’ve got when it comes to young people today. “What are we doing to children? Kids of all ages are growing up as anxious political activists, appearing in the media as representatives of causes and ideologies, participating in strikes, walkouts, speaking engagements, lectures and ideological battles over issues they cannot possibly understand.”

The Peggy Show

Sports Illustrated has the long, sad, and winding story of a scam artist who targeted famous (and rich) athletes.

The Girl On The Roof

I enjoyed this just for the joy of reading it.

Are Miracles Improbable?

Michael Kruger answers the question.

Flashback: Entertainment Choices and Compromise

At a recent Ask Me Anything event in India, I was asked if I felt Christians often disconnected their entertainment choices from their faith, especially in the area of watching Hollywood and Bollywood films. Here is my response.

A La Carte (September 25)

The glory of the gospel—not the neediness of mankind—is the self-sustaining fuel for global missions. —Andy Johnson

A La Carte (September 25)

A La Carte (September 25) A La Carte (September 25) A La Carte (September 25) A La Carte (September 25)

A La Carte (September 25)