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A latest ebook titled Piercing Heaven shares favourite prayers from the Puritans. Lots of them are wonderful prayers. For example, right here is Joseph Alleine praying for the salvation of the misplaced.


O Lord, how inadequate I’m for this work. With what’s going to I pierce the scales of Leviathan—or make my coronary heart, arduous as a millstone, really feel what you want it to really feel?

Will I am going and converse to the grave, and anticipate the lifeless to obey me and are available forth?

Will I make a speech to the rocks, or lecture the mountains, and transfer them with arguments?

Will I make the blind see?

From the start of the world nobody has ever heard of opening the eyes of an individual born blind. However, Lord, you possibly can pierce the center of the sinner.

I can draw the bow at random, however you direct the arrow between the cracks of the armor.

I come within the identify of the Lord of Hosts, the God of the armies of Israel.  I come forth, like David towards Goliath, to wrestle, not with flesh and blood, however with rulers and cosmic powers, and religious forces of evil of this world.

Today let the Lord defeat the Philistines, take away the armor from the sturdy man, and provides me the captives out of his hand.

Lord, select my phrases. Select my weapons for me. And once I put my hand into the bag, and take out a stone and sling it, and carry it to the mark, make it sink—not into the brow, however into the center of the unconverted sinner.

Take him to the bottom like Saul of Tarsus.

Lord God, assist! How can I go away them this fashion? If they won’t hear me, nonetheless I pray that you’ll hear me. I pray that they may stay in your sight! Lord, save them, or they’ll perish.

My coronary heart would soften to see their homes on hearth after they had been quick asleep of their beds. So is my soul moved inside me to see them endlessly misplaced?

Lord, have compassion, and save them out of the burning.  Put forth your divine energy, and the work shall be finished.

Slay the sin, and save the soul of the sinner. Amen.

God Alone Can Save: A Prayer - Tim Challies

God Alone Can Save: A Prayer - Tim Challies God Alone Can Save: A Prayer - Tim Challies God Alone Can Save: A Prayer - Tim Challies God Alone Can Save: A Prayer - Tim Challies

God Alone Can Save: A Prayer - Tim Challies


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