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Real Leaders: 24 War-Time Leadership Lessons from 2020

These notes accompany Pastor Mark’s Real Leaders podcast “24 War-Time Leadership Lessons from 2020” which can be found HERE on Apple and HERE on Spotify.

24 War-Time Leadership Lessons from 2020

  1. Run to reality as quickly as possible
  2. Momentum is gained slowly and lost quickly
  3. Fear and faith are both contagious
  4. Remember the liability of policy
  5. Culture is what you teach and what you tolerate
  6. Grade your governance
  7. Prune your problems
  8. Surveys are silly
  9. The fast eat the slow
  10. Pivot leaders vs. process leaders
  11. Call the shots and take the shots
  12. Level up your pain threshold
  13. Ministry is now a 2-lane highway
  1. Provision follows vision
  • Summary: 8% of churches are up, 65% of churches are down financially

giving up 8% of churches

giving steady 27% of churches

giving 10-20% down 34% of churches

giving 30-50% down 22% of churches

giving 75% down or more 9% of churches


  1. Momentum rows on the oars of visible progress and delivered results
  2. The longer you are down, the longer it takes to get up
  • As a general rule, it takes as long as you are closed to get back to something normal
  1. Kids are crucial
  • The feedback is that churches that open with restrictions and without kids run 15%
  1. Rentals are risky
  2. Planting and replanting are looming


  1. As things get darker, people need to go deeper
  2. Men matter
  3. Kingdom down, not culture up
  4. You can make excuses, or you can make plans
  5. Hear what the Spirit is saying to your church

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