Trusted for Truth: The Great Challenge of the Age - Tim Challies

This week the weblog is sponsored by Southern Seminary and was written by R. Albert Mohler Jr.

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A era in the past, David Wells provided a extreme and correct indictment of Western civilization. We now have grow to be, he argued, a tradition wherein there is no such thing as a place for reality.

A era earlier than David Wells, Francis Schaeffer famously argued that Christians should now defend the very existence of true reality reality that’s truly true.

Now, at Southern Seminary and Boyce School, we face the honour and problem of elevating up a era of younger Christian leaders, preachers, ministers, and missionaries who will probably be folks of the reality.

Nearly each development in our society makes this much more of a problem. All this is able to be bracing sufficient if such traits formed the consciousness of the world, however not of the church. But to our disgrace, the fashionable secular worldview has wrought destruction throughout the church as properly. The trendy try to dominate reality has given method inside sectors of the church to the postmodern rejection of reality itself. Certainly, in lots of denominations and church buildings, notions of orthodoxy and heresy have grow to be conceptual vacancy. The boundaries have vanished. The very chance of heresy is dismissed in lots of circles inside mainline Protestantism, and plenty of evangelicals appear to have no higher grasp of the ethical crucial to honor the reality and to oppose error. Issues of reality and falsehood are usually not issues of ethical indifference to the Christian church. We’re to contend for the religion, and the love of the reality is an important mark of the believer. An angle of indifference, whether or not based mostly in postmodern deconstructionist idea or easy epistemological apathy, is a scandal to the gospel and a looming menace to the church.

Christians are referred to as to like the reality and refute error, not in a spirit of satisfaction and vindictiveness, however in a spirit of humility and faithfulness. Our accountability is obvious, as articulated properly by Blaise Pascal: It’s as a lot against the law to disturb the peace when reality prevails as it’s to maintain the peace when reality is violated. There may be, subsequently, a time wherein peace is justified and one other time when it isn’t justifiable. For it’s written that there’s a time for peace and a time for struggle and it’s the regulation of reality that distinguishes the 2. However at no time is there a time for reality and a time for error, for it’s written that Gods reality shall abide endlessly.

Our dedication is that Southern Seminary and Boyce School will probably be trusted trusted for reality. That’s how we’ve got constructed this school and tutorial program. That’s how we current ourselves to the world. That’s how we’re accountable to the Southern Baptist Conference and its church buildings.

We’re daring to be trusted for reality when the world round us defies the very notion of reality. We’re honored to boost up a era who will probably be trusted for reality, for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and for the total measure of the Christian religion.

We are going to dedicate our lives to the preserving of this belief, and be ever grateful for the glory of this calling. Thanks for all you do to make Southern Seminary and Boyce School potential. I hope we’ll see you on our campus very quickly.





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