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Weekend A La Carte (August 24)

There’s a handful of Kindle offers to take a look at right this moment.

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Protecting Need and Temptation in Their Place

These are key phrases to know and distinguish. “Within the historical past of theological debate, some of the vital steps in the direction of doctrinal readability includes getting the terminology proper. The traditional church sorted via the Trinitarian debate by clarifying the excellence between ‘essence’ and ‘person.”‘ Likewise, the Reformation haggled over the proper meaning of ‘righteousness’ and ‘justification.’ An analogous want has now arisen in 21st century, as Christians reply to the sexual challenges of postmodernity. On this case, the important thing phrases are ‘desire’ and ‘temptation.’”

Have a good time Sexual Ethics. Don’t Apologize for Them

“We have nothing to apologize for. Quite the opposite, the orthodox imaginative and prescient of human sexuality is abundantly good, true, and delightful and factors towards well being and therapeutic. It’s key to discipleship contained in the church.”

That Time Two Comedian Artist Independently Created Dennis the Menace on the Identical Day an Ocean Aside

That is the strangest factor. “Two comic artists based in the UK and US respectively somehow both created Dennis the Menace at almost the same time, with the first editions of each published on the exact same day, despite neither one knowing anything about what the other was doing.”

Mr. Thompson and the Vicar Rebrand (Video)

On this video by Lutheran Satire, “Mr. Thompson and the Vicar are terribly troubled that nary a one of their new neighbors is joining them for holy worship. But fear not! They’ve got a brilliant plan for revitalizing their ministry.” Their plan is all too frequent.

9 Steps Towards Apostasy

Take heed!

The Deepfake Artists Have to be Stopped 

Jordan Peterson brings our consideration  to what may very well be a rising downside and one which threatens to undermine our confidence in reality. “Wake up. The sanctity of your voice, and your image, is at serious risk. It’s hard to imagine a more serious challenge to the sense of shared, reliable reality that keeps us linked together in relative peace. The deepfake artists need to be stopped, using whatever legal means are necessary, as soon as possible.”

From Homosexual to Gospel: The Fascinating Story of Becket Cook dinner

Ten years in the past, Becket Cook dinner was a homosexual man in Hollywood who had achieved nice success as a set designer within the vogue trade. He labored with stars and supermodels, from Natalie Portman to Claudia Schiffer, touring the world to design picture shoots for the likes of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. He attended award reveals and events on the houses of Paris Hilton and Prince. He spent summers swimming in Drew Barrymore’s pool.  A decade later, Cook dinner has moved on from that life—and he doesn’t miss it. “

Flashback: The Rise of Digital Applied sciences and the Decline of Studying

There was as soon as a time studying got here straightforward, however now it appears to be onerous. The distinction, they are saying, is all these new applied sciences. So it should be expertise’s fault, proper?

Weekend A La Carte (August 24)

The Bible tells us that we’re not a mistake and even only a nice shock. We’re wished. We’re the deliberate offspring of the God of affection and he longs to share his life with us. —Glen Scrivener

Weekend A La Carte (August 24)

Weekend A La Carte (August 24) Weekend A La Carte (August 24) Weekend A La Carte (August 24) Weekend A La Carte (August 24)

Weekend A La Carte (August 24)