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(Yesterday on the blog: When Solomon’s Fool Created a Social Media Platform)

Sticktoitiveness and the Christian Life

Sticktoitiveness is not something we value today. We are a nation of quitters. We quit jobs, quit towns, quit wives and children, and quit churches at an alarming rate. Just drive around on any Saturday morning for evidence of our quitting ways. Garage sales dominate our neighborhoods and enable us to attempt to receive back some return on our investment for all of the hobbies and life improvement changes we started but couldn’t complete.”

Public Worship to be Preferred before Private

Even if you don’t have time to read the whole thing, you’ll benefit from just going over the headings of this article on why public worship is to be preferred before personal.

Scars, Cartwheels and God-Given Strength

From TGC Australia comes a moving article about cancer. “Some people place their confidence in their relationships, their appearance, their work, in money or possessions. I have always had confidence in my body—not in how it looked, but how it worked.”

When Ministry Numbers Don’t Seem to Add Up to Success

This one is geared specifically toward pastors. “Like Elijah, we have no way of knowing what God is really up too as He works around us. All Elijah could do was count what he saw in front him, and he didn’t like the answer he got. It’s tempting to be frustrated with the situation or circumstances of ministry.”

Five Significant Archaeological Finds From Outside Israel That Enlighten Our Understanding Of The Old Testament

Here’s just a brief look at five especially significant archaeological finds.

Can I Trust the Bible?

Timothy Paul Jones offers several reasons the Bible is trustworthy in this video.

God Hears Tears as Well as Prayers

This is a comforting message from Colin Smith.

Flashback: Why We Must Emphasize A Pastor’s Character Over His Skill

Why is it that God entrusts his church to men of character rather than men of talent or achievement? Why would he prefer that his church be led by unremarkable men instead of accomplished ones? Why would he choose an undistinguished but honorable man over a talented man who is known and celebrated for his many skills?

Your Bible is tangible evidence that the Maker of the universe is a communicator; he’s someone who initiates, who reveals, who speaks. —Matt Smethurst

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