Weekend A La Carte (May 16) - Tim Challies

Weekend A La Carte (Could 16) – Tim Challies

There are primarily, although not solely, classics listed in at present’s Kindle offers.

Why Has Covid-19 Hit Seniors So Laborious?

A part of the temporary of this pandemic has been seeing the way it has hit probably the most weak individuals the toughest. “The Covid-19 pandemic presents a doubly complicated situation for older people: Not only are they at higher risk of contracting the disease, and more likely to develop severe infections and die from it, but they are also the most likely to struggle with—and suffer from— the consequences of prevention strategies like social distancing.” (Talking of weak individuals, right here’s how Mumbai is seeing an uptick in instances.)

Not Too Good to be True

Andrea Crocker: “In general, we ought to be skeptical of over-the-top claims. Advertisers frequently make boasts about their products that are simply too good to be true. But recently I was reading about something with indescribably beneficial characteristics, and I believe every word. Take a look at some of what is promised…”

I Don’t Really feel Like It

“God does not sit back and watch us cry. He doesn’t pat his foot and roll His eyes, and God doesn’t think, ‘Just get over it.’ No, He created tears and understands our bad moods, irritations, and annoyance with bothersome people. I’m not saying God condones wrong/sinful behaviors, but He knows how to remedy our outbursts.”

Church, Don’t Let Coronavirus Divide You

Brett McCracken appeals to church leaders (and everybody else): “Churches should strive to honor people on both sides of the spectrum. Yes, it will be costly for churches to keep offering online services for those who don’t feel comfortable attending physical gatherings. Yes, it will be a sacrifice for church members who are sick of masks, social distancing, and Zoom to continue to use these for the sake of others. But little is more Christian than a posture of sacrifice (Rom. 12:1). We should embrace it with gladness.” (With regards to COVID-19, right here’s Michael Haykin on the historical past of Christians and pandemics.)

How To (not) Be a Humble Chief

“Pastors should preach boldly and lead confidently. The foundation of Scripture gives this assurance. But when church leaders begin to rely on their own abilities, arrogance builds, especially when the church grows. Arrogance is the catalyst for building your own kingdom instead of God’s kingdom. How can you tell when confidence is slipping into arrogance?” Sam Rainer explains.

Of Oceans, Thimbles, and Speaking to Your Children about Demise

“God holds us in his hands. He numbers our days. Not a hair can fall from our heads without his say so. He is in control, sovereign, and omnipotent. But it was the way she said it that stuck with me: If it is the time God has chosen for you to dieyou can drown in a thimble; if it’s not, then you can survive for days in the open ocean.

Flashback: How Many Loves Have You Skilled In the present day?

The God who loves created a world of affection. What a pleasure it’s to dwell on this world, his world, and to expertise love as each a giver and a receiver of its infinite types.

Weekend A La Carte (Could 16) - Tim Challies

Whenever you default to considering of prayer as an summary exercise, a ‘thing to do’, the tendency is to deal with the prayer as an exercise – which makes it boring. As an alternative, deal with the one to whom you’re praying. —Michael Reeves

Weekend A La Carte (Could 16) - Tim Challies

Weekend A La Carte (Could 16) - Tim Challies Weekend A La Carte (Could 16) - Tim Challies Weekend A La Carte (Could 16) - Tim Challies Weekend A La Carte (Could 16) - Tim Challies

Weekend A La Carte (Could 16) - Tim Challies

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