Weekend A La Carte (February 15) - Tim Challies

Weekend A La Carte (February 15) – Tim Challies

At present’s Kindle offers embrace a fairly wide variety. You’ll discover some older ones, plus some new ones just like the highly-regarded A Massive Gospel in Small Locations.

(Yesterday on the weblog: What Do Hitmen and Porn Watchers Have in Widespread?)

Trying For a Church? Right here’s What to Look For

Jim Elliff: “My list doesn’t include a gymnasium or a youth group that does a lot of fun things, since the Bible doesn’t require a church to have these amenities. Here are a few items, however, that are absolutely critical for your consideration…”

6 Prayers for Marital Intimacy After Sexual Trauma

Jennifer Greenberg suggests six prayers associated to sexual intimacy for individuals who have skilled some form of sexual trauma. “Thankfully, God has blessed us with therapists, physicians, and medications that can help us manage depression, anxiety, and other emotional injuries resultant from trauma. Ultimately, though, only God can heal the soul. With that in mind, I’ve composed a series of prayers, in hope that you’ll be able to adapt them to fit your own situation, pray them for a loved one, or share them with a friend in need.”

This Picture Triggered China’s Cultural Revolution

It’s unusual however true that Mao Zedong swimming in a river in 1966 was an enormous deal. Right here’s how and why.

7 Particulars Christians Get Incorrect in regards to the Bible

I’m positive there are extra we may add to this listing, however listed below are no less than seven issues Christians are inclined to get improper when discussing the Bible.

The Age of Decadence

New York Instances columnist Ross Douthat explains why he thinks we’re in an age of decadence. “We used to journey sooner, construct greater, dwell longer; now we talk sooner, chatter extra, snap extra selfies. We used to go to the moon; now we make motion pictures about house — wonderful motion pictures with fully convincing particular results that make it appear as if we’ve left earth behind. And we hype the revolutionary character of our communications units with a purpose to persuade ourselves that our earlier expectations have been simply fantasies, ‘Jetsons stuff’ — that this progress is the one progress we may moderately count on.”

There Is No ‘Party of Science’

Samuel James explains “just how useless invoking science has become in contemporary discourse. ‘Useless’ does not mean untrue, of course, it just means useless, as in: Even near-unanimous scientific consensus matters very little in practice if it runs afoul of certain shibboleths. Scientific consensus itself is becoming a slippery concept nowadays, as certain kinds of science are routinely ruled out of bounds if they produce politically undesirable data.”

Shut It Down

The context of this text is Canadian, however it proves (as Rod Dreher has lengthy been saying) that individuals who have come from totalitarian contexts are rising more and more involved by what they’re seeing in international locations like Canada and the US. “Like many other immigrants, I have first-hand knowledge of how unfinished the Enlightenment project actually remains. Where we once lived, the autonomy of scientific and philosophical inquiry is having to reassert itself over and over. Where we once lived, universalism is suspect, impossible. Where we once lived, the past remains enchanted, mythologized. It was we, as Peter Pomerantsev argues, who first lived through a post-fact, post-value, and post-hope era, which many Western countries are now experiencing.”

Flashback: Classes Realized By means of Tears

“If we want to know what clouds of affliction mean and what they are sent for, we must not flee away from them in fright with closed ears and bandaged eyes.”

Weekend A La Carte (February 15) - Tim Challies

Poverty and affliction take away the gasoline that feeds satisfaction. —Richard Sibbes 

Weekend A La Carte (February 15) - Tim Challies

Weekend A La Carte (February 15) - Tim Challies Weekend A La Carte (February 15) - Tim Challies Weekend A La Carte (February 15) - Tim Challies Weekend A La Carte (February 15) - Tim Challies

Weekend A La Carte (February 15) - Tim Challies

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