Weekend A La Carte (March 28) - Tim Challies

Weekend A La Carte (March 28) – Tim Challies

There may be an in depth record of Kindle offers at this time, fairly a rarity for a Saturday. There are classics and newer works, plus choices for teenagers, teenagers, and adults.

(Yesterday on the weblog: If We All Stream Our Providers, Will Anybody Ever Come Again?)

Turning Thunder Into Track

This can be a useful reflection on concern and worship. “My father surprised me one night by telling me he liked thunder. I didn’t like thunder. Thunder made me feel like unseen powers were about to crush my bedroom between their hands. Thunder made me rise and go to my dad and quietly say, ‘I’m scared.’ He came to sit with me for a few minutes while it passed. That’s when he told me he liked thunder. He liked feeling its awesomeness, its greatness.”

The Ibuprofen Debate Reveals the Hazard of Covid-19 Rumors

As all the time, watch out what you learn and consider. “Two weeks ago, national and world health authorities—and armchair experts and worried well-meaning people—were warning anyone concerned about Covid-19 to avoid ibuprofen. Now, facing contradictory evidence, they’ve backed off that claim.”

Gone and Again Once more: My Departure and Return to the Immigrant Church

I loved Jonathan Szeto’s ideas on the immigrant church. “This is the immigrant Christian church in America. It has a right to exist because language is a natural barrier to gospel community. And by God’s grace, I hope and pray it grows. I pray the English congregation would continue to grow and develop to reach out to all sorts of English-speaking people. I pray the ethnic congregations continue to grow and minister to the steady stream of new immigrants.”

What Christians Can Be taught About Ethics From COVID-19

Andrew T. Walker appears at a query some are asking: “Is it more important to preserve life or preserve economic vibrancy? Do we sacrifice the economy to save human lives or do we sacrifice human lives to save the economy?”

Even Ifs of April

Higher than “what ifs” are “even ifs.” You might must learn the article to get what which means.

Six Causes Why We Are Not Dwell Streaming Worship Providers

With the vast majority of church buildings seeming to live-stream their companies (together with my very own), I used to be glad to learn this considerate dissenting perspective on the matter. “Some people have asked if we are going to host a live stream service. For now the answer is no, though that could change in the future. Below are some of the reasons we have decided not to provide a live stream worship service.”

It Can’t Occur Once more (However It Did)

Chris Cagle covers the financial wreckage that has adopted the coronavirus outbreak. “We have to do not forget that God doesn’t make a promise that we’ll all the time be wholesome or will preserve the identical life-style we have now now. Nor does he say that we’ll maintain all that we have now (or might have had ought to issues have been totally different). However He has promised that He will likely be with us and can all the time present for us.”

Flashback: What We Misplaced When We Misplaced Our Hymnals

I don’t suppose we should always return to utilizing hymnals. However I do suppose there’s worth in contemplating what we misplaced when, over the course of a comparatively quick time period, we gave up hymnals for PowerPoint projection.

Weekend A La Carte (March 28) - Tim Challies

Let your expertise of God’s goodness prior to now feed your religion in his loving functions for you now. Whereas there isn’t any promise that we will be delivered from all our trials and troubles, by religion we will cross safely by means of them. —Jonathan Stephen

Weekend A La Carte (March 28) - Tim Challies

Weekend A La Carte (March 28) - Tim Challies Weekend A La Carte (March 28) - Tim Challies Weekend A La Carte (March 28) - Tim Challies Weekend A La Carte (March 28) - Tim Challies

Weekend A La Carte (March 28) - Tim Challies

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