Weekend A La Carte (November 9) - Tim Challies

Weekend A La Carte (November 9) – Tim Challies

At the moment’s Kindle offers embody a handful of classics.

Not surprisingly, Westminster Books is that includes offers on Christmas-related books (each for private studying and for giving freely to others).

(Yesterday on the weblog: The Creaking on the Stairs)

three Methods to Keep Christian Throughout Election Season

It’s not tough to foresee that the following yr in America has the potential to be extraordinarily polarizing. Jared Wilson: “Barring an abstention from or ambivalence about politics altogether, how can we avoid getting caught up in the fray? How can Christians participate in our electoral privileges, and even discuss and debate relevant issues, without compromising our witness? Here are three ways I’d suggest we can wisely engage in the upcoming election cycle without losing perspective on what matters more than who wins or loses.”

Visualize the Whole World’s Wealth

This infographic exhibits the totally different ranges of common wealth per grownup all over the world.

New and Outdated Clothes

There are elements of the Bible I’ve learn so many instances that I’m susceptible to mistake familiarity with them for understanding of them. However from time to time, after I set my familiarity apart, I can truly check out what’s truly there.” Talking personally, this is part of the Bible I’ve to search for each single time I learn it as I invariably neglect the purpose Jesus is making in it.

A New Calling

WORLD profiles Dr. Anthony Levatino who, from 1977 to 1985, “performed nearly 1,200 first- and second-trimester abortions as a routine part of his residency and later obstetrics and gynecology practice at Albany Medical Center in New York.” However then a tragedy ceaselessly modified his life and convictions.

Skilled vs Newbie Opera Singer (Video)

That is sheer silliness, however extremely entertaining.

Good Firefighters Don’t Rush

Being good pals with a paramedic, I’ve noticed the identical is true of them. “You think you want a rushed firefighter, he said. But only rookie firefighters do that. The experienced firefighters know that hurry puts lives at risk. Hurry gets in the way of saving lives. A frantic firefighter is not a good firefighter.”

Your Unfulfilled Wishes are a Treasury, Not a Tragedy

That is comforting. “Whether it pertains to romance and sexuality, career, sickness and disease, parenting, or ministry, many assume that to live with unmet expectations is an insufferable misery that must be resolved as quickly as possible. However, the Bible offers a different perspective. It reveals that while we are fixated on what we don’t have, God’s focus is on what we are becoming for the sake of His purpose.”

Flashback: Joyfully Lifting Malformed Fingers in Worship

Please pray that our little son will sometime joyfully carry his palms, fashioned and malformed, in heartfelt worship to the King who in love and mysterious windfall noticed match to have him stroll this path—even when he can’t know precisely why it needed to be so.

Weekend A La Carte (November 9) - Tim Challies

Press ahead. Don’t cease, don’t linger in your journey, however attempt for the mark set earlier than you. —George Whitefield

Weekend A La Carte (November 9) - Tim Challies

Weekend A La Carte (November 9) - Tim Challies Weekend A La Carte (November 9) - Tim Challies Weekend A La Carte (November 9) - Tim Challies Weekend A La Carte (November 9) - Tim Challies

Weekend A La Carte (November 9) - Tim Challies

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