Weekend A La Carte (September 21)

Weekend A La Carte (September 21)

Weekend A La Carte (September 21)

You’ll discover an eclectic little assortment of Kindle offers to poke by way of in the present day.

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Why Chris Tomlin Nonetheless Dominates Each Radio and Sunday Morning

Right here’s why Chris Tomlin is in comparison with Charles Wesley. What I ponder is what number of of Tomlin’s songs can have the lasting energy of Wesley’s. Will the church be singing any of them in 200 years? Solely time will inform…

The Worship Music I Can’t Convey Myself to Sing

Trevin Wax explains why he can’t convey himself to sing a sure track.

Pedro Martinez Pitched the Best Season Ever. Then He Did It Once more. (Video)

Baseball followers will get pleasure from this prolonged video of among the best pitchers ever throughout his two strongest seasons.

For Spouse and Little one

This can be a well-composed and purposeful poem.

Marriage as a Ministry

“I was surprised when he turned to me and said, simply, ‘I never feel more called to ministry than when we’re sitting in our living room with someone on our couch like that.’ Here is a man who stands behind a pulpit and preaches God’s word every Sunday, who leads prayer meetings and ministers in hospitals, nursing homes, and funeral homes. A man who sits across from people who need financial help almost every day, who listens and counsels and carries people’s secrets around with him like Jacob Marley’s ponderous chains. This is a man whose entire life is given for Christ and for serving others. Yet, in this moment he revealed something precious to me: he feels most secure in his calling when we are serving together.”

The $250,000 Limitless Flight Cross: A Horrible Mistake (Video)

American Airways as soon as made an enormous and expensive mistake.

Netflix Is Making It Tougher to Be a Missionary

What a captivating article on missions in a contemporary age. “High-speed internet, airplanes, and cellphones have given those of us who have left our lives and loved ones behind an unprecedented ability to stay connected to that world. But these technological advances have also inhibited missionaries’ ability to be present and engaged in the work they believe God has called them to.”

Flashback: What’s the Goal of … Youngsters?

“What’s the purpose of having children at all?” In in the present day’s world, which too typically exalts self and writes off youngsters as an inconvenience, it is a query we should ask and reply.

Weekend A La Carte (September 21)

The dragon misplaced his sting when he dashed it into the soul of Jesus. —Charles Spurgeon

Weekend A La Carte (September 21)

Weekend A La Carte (September 21) Weekend A La Carte (September 21) Weekend A La Carte (September 21) Weekend A La Carte (September 21)

Weekend A La Carte (September 21)

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