St Jerome on a laptop: new mosaic celebrates enduring legacy of 4th century Bible translator

The mosaic, called Little Bits of God, will go on tour around England and Wales in 2021A stunning new artwork has been unveiled to mark 1,600 years since the death of St Jerome. The mosaic stands at over two metres tall and comprises 10 panels containing thousands of pieces of coloured glass that have been... Read more

John Chrysostom, the 4th century archbishop who fought corruption and helped the poor

J John 31 August 2020 | 10:04 AM An early Byzantine mosaic of John Chrysostom in the Cathedral of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, now IstanbulWhen, in the fourth century ad, Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire, it lost the threat of persecution but gained new perils. As the church became popular, powerful... Read more

Judge Denies L.A. County’s 4th Attempt to Shut Down John MacArthur’s Church

Judge Denies L.A. County's 4th Attempt to Shut Down John MacArthur's Church A California judge declined on Tuesday to issue an order shutting down Grace Community Church, handing pastor John MacArthur his third recent victory in a much-followed legal battle against Los Angeles County.The county had hoped Judge Mitchell Beckloff would issue a temporary restraining order... Read more

Does Christian Liberty Look Like 4th of July Independence?

What Should Liberty Look Like? In our culture, liberty often looks like an insistence on our freedom of speech, protests, acts of defiance, or an assertion that our rights be honored. In short, our experience of liberty is riddled with our fear that it might be taken from us.However, Christian liberty is so confident in... Read more