Dear Mr. Pompeo: please hold India accountable for its oppression – Mission Network News

India (MNN) — Fourteen U.S. senators recently endorsed a letter calling on U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to add India to the State Departments Country of Particular Concern (CPC) list. In a document signed by ten Republican and four Democratic senators, the Coalition to Stop Genocide in India asks Pompeo to hold India accountable... Read more

Are We Held Accountable for the Sins of Our Forefathers?

In Jeremiah 3132, the prophet offers words of hope to his fellow Jews exiled in Babylon. In response to their complaint that they were suffering unjustly for the sins of their forefathers, Jeremiah assures them a day is soon coming when God will establish a new covenant with them, restoring them to their homeland and... Read more