Biden Pledges to Make Roe v. Wade ‘the Law of the Land’ if Supreme Court Acts

Biden Pledges to Make Roe v. Wade 'the Law of the Land' if Supreme Court Acts Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden pledged Monday to make Roe v. Wade the law of the land through legislation if the Supreme Court overturns the 1973 decision, a move that could ensure abortion remains legal even if the high... Read more

School toolkit encourages pupils to talk about intimate sexual acts

Pupils are encouraged to talk about intimate sexual acts in a game featured in a toolkit for schools.  The toolkit, created by the Proud Trust, includes a game involving a dice that replaces numbers with words like "anus", "vulva", "penis" and "hands and fingers", The Times reports.  In the game, intended for secondary students, pupils... Read more

Random acts of kindness are good for wellbeing – study

(Photo: Unsplash/Benjamin Combs)People who help others are helping themselves, new research published by the American Psychological Association suggests.  The study was led by Bryant PH Hui, at the University of Hong Kong, and a team of researchers who analyzed 201 independent studies looking at the link between kindness and wellbeing, and comprising 198,213 participants. Although... Read more

Anti-Christian Acts in France Up 285 Percent Since 2008, Observatory Says

Anti-Christian Acts in France Up 285 Percent Since 2008, Observatory Says A Vienna-based observatory has highlighted a sharp uptick concerning the anti-religious violence in France in the past 12 years. More recent incidents included last week's fire inside the historic Nantes Cathedral.At the present time, The Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians... Read more

True Love Acts | Day by day Devotionals by Ideas about God

[ad_1] A brand new command I offer you: Love each other. As I've liked you, so you have to love each other. By this everybody will know that you're my disciples, in case you love each other. John 13:34-35 Love is the signifying issue that we belong to Christ. 1 John 3:18 instructs us, as... Read more

Judass Demise in Matthew 27 and Acts 1. Do They Contradict?

[ad_1] Matthew and Luke present fairly completely different accounts of Judass demise. Matthew has Judas hold himself, whereas Luke ends with Judass physique burst open (cf. Matt. 27:38; Acts 1:1819). The discrepancies between the accounts increase a lot of questions, most typical of which is How can each be true? My greatest guess is that... Read more

When Godly Individuals Disagree: Classes from Acts 15

[ad_1] Christians can have some sharp disagreements. Simply take a look at the sheer variety of evangelical denominations in our day, or the factors of rivalry inside denominations or theological tribes. The present debate over how one can biblically handle social justice is one such disagreement. These sorts of divisions can discourage us, give us... Read more

Turning Level of World Historical past: The Resurrection In accordance with Acts

[ad_1] Folks usually learn the e book of Acts to seek out out concerning the early church, but when that’s all we deal with, we miss Luke’s most necessary emphasis: Jesus himself. Although he ascends into heaven within the opening verses, this doesn’t imply he’s absent. Acts presents Jesus because the resurrected, ascended, and wonderful... Read more