The Rumors Are True: ‘The Fast and the Furious’ Is Going Into Actual Space | RELEVANT

In 2001,The Fast and the Furiouswas one of those medium budget action flicks that were everywhere at the time, featuring a handful of young, attractive stars in a plot that centered around stolen DVD players. 19 years later, the franchise is going strong and features one of the craziest pivots in Hollywood history, from lo-fi... Read more

Loving Your Neighbor Takes Actual Effort | RELEVANT Magazine

Sometimes, when we hear the command to love your neighbor, we interpret that to simply mean we shouldnt actively hate our neighbors. But loving your neighbor is a positive, rather than a negative statement. Galatians restatement of the Golden Rule tells us to do to others as we would want done to ourselves. It doesnt... Read more

Sufjan’s New Single Might Be the Closest He Ever Gets to an Actual Pop Song | RELEVANT Magazine

Sufjan Stevens is gearing up forThe Ascension, his follow-up to 2015’sCarrie and Lowell. In true Sufjan fashion, most of the tracks Sufjan has shared so far are about as far from Carrie and Lowellas Sufjan gets, incorporating the sort of experimental drones and electro bleep-bloops that madeAge of Adzsuch a weird treat. Now we’ve... Read more

Belief in Heaven Is a ‘Malignant Delusion’ that ‘Devalues Actual Lives,’ Harvard Professor Says

Belief in Heaven Is a 'Malignant Delusion' that 'Devalues Actual Lives,' Harvard Professor Says A Harvard University professor sparked an online debate Thursday after suggesting belief in heaven has harmed the coronavirus response by devaluing human life.Steven Pinker, a professor of psychology at the school, made the comments on Twitter while referencing a... Read more

Research: What Are Pastors’ Precise Greatest Issues? | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] How properly have you learnt your pastor? You might know their vocal inflections, how they take their espresso and their wardrobe habits, however have you learnt what’s actually on their thoughts? Once they have a look at the nation, what are their greatest considerations? Once they have a look at their congregation,... Read more