Afghanistan peace talks questionable following Taliban attacks – Mission Network News

Afghanistan (MNN) — Skirmishes that began Sunday continue today in southern Afghanistan, forcing an estimated 35,000 people to flee. They are the most continuous Taliban attacks since historic peace talks began last month, BBC News reports. According to the Washington Post, the fighting could derail negotiations. Pray with SAT-7 that it doesnt. For the first... Read more

Issues multiply in Afghanistan; Gods work continues – Mission Community Information

[ad_1] Afghanistan (MNN) –The coronavirus is however one of many issues rising on each entrance in Afghanistan. One other is an assault claimed by the Islamic State that killed 25 earlier this weekat a Sikh temple. Even when there's peace with the Taliban, the Islamic State remains to be lively in Afghanistan and they're nonetheless... Read more

Gods Phrase goes forth in Afghanistan – Mission Community Information

[ad_1] Afghanistan (MNN) — Afghanistan is a strictly Islamic nation and its a hotbed for Islamic terrorism. By legislation, no different religions together with Christianity are allowed to exist, based on persecution watchdog Open Doorways USA. But, we received an e mail from a person [who] requested for 1,000 [Scripture] booklets that he may share,... Read more