RELEVANT’s Definitive Ranking of Sufjan Stevens’ Albums | RELEVANT

Sufjan Steven’s surprise album release a couple of weeks ago, The Ascension, caused quite a stir among his fans and critics. And it got us thinking where the project landed in Sufjan’s all-time catalog. So, after two weeks of diligent research and debate, we present to you RELEVANT’s Definitive Ranking of Sufjan Stevens’ Albums. How... Read more

10 Finest Creation Albums of the 2010s

[ad_1] I dont blame those that dislike Christmas music. A lot of what you hear on the radio in December, or over the audio system on the mall, is horrible. However inside the huge and numerous style, there are treasures to be discovered. Ive been inspired, for instance, that in the previous couple of many... Read more

The Finest Christian Albums of the 2010s

[ad_1] What had been the perfect Christian music albums launched within the 2010s? I posed this query to a number of dozen Christian musicians, writers, critics, and music lovers a number of months in the past. I requested them to appoint albums they felt had been each theologically and artistically wealthy; albums of any style... Read more