Great Anticipation | Thoughts about God by Alec Niemi

Looking back at the different phases in our life is like reviewing a book. Each chapter starts with great anticipation and usually ends with reflection and questions of tomorrow. Following through the story line one can see how each chapter builds on the previous. There are high points and low points, excitements and sorrows, yet... Read more

Been There Done That | Thoughts by Alec Niemi

“Been there, done that,” is the expression lots of us use when we witness others going through an issue. It’s our way of saying, “I know what youre going through.” The encouragement comes when we go the next step and extend comfort. A small hug, a hand on the arm or some small gesture of... Read more

Obstacle or Opportunity | by Alec Niemi

Why me? Why me? Why am I stuck in this horrific situation? When we are stuck in any situation we dont like, our natural reaction is to question. Yet, what if that situation is a divine appointment? Is this situation an obstacle or an opportunity? Paul, writing to Titus tells him, The reason I left... Read more

Judging | Thoughts about God by Alec Niemi

It seems that more often than not the first thing people say about other people is negative. There seems to be a permeating spirit of negativity prevalent today. I dont know if it is cultural, spiritual or just learned bad habit and maybe (and probably) it is a combination of the three. Whatever it is... Read more

Protection and Direction | Devotional by Alec Niemi

Todays reading is in Psalm 105. It is about the Lord’s wonderful work on behalf of Israel. In it is reference to the cloud of covering that the Lord gave the Israelites to shelter them from the hot sun during the day and the fire that He gave for light at night as they wondered... Read more

The Artwork of Listening | Devotional by Alec Niemi

[ad_1] In a sound take a look at lab a few educated audiophiles had been listening to a classical music piece. Their job was to take heed to a brand new speaker design that was being developed. They had been to judge the standard of the sound being generated. To do that they'd take one... Read more

Pat on the Again | Devotional by Alec Niemi

[ad_1] “Give yourself a pat on the back – you’ve done such a great job!” Ever discover how tough it's to present your self a pat on the again? It takes another person to do it for us. After we do it ourselves it turns into a self proclamation and is boasting. Scripture tells us…... Read more