The Ancient History and Meaning of the Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Legends There are several legends associated with how Christmas trees came into existence. The first comes from the English monk Boniface. In the eighth century, Germanic pagans were making sacrifices to the Greek god, Thor. The Benedictine monk cut down the oak tree where the sacrifices were taking place and converted the idolaters... Read more

Christian Hip-Hops Connection to Ancient Athens

Kanye Wests newest track, Wash Us in the Blood, tells an old, old story that has become new for him as a recent convert to Christianity. Wash us in the blood / And as we live in this evil and crooked and Jezebelic world / Wash us in the blood, he raps. This track was... Read more

Ancient church found where Jesus called Peter ‘the rock’ he would build his church upon

(Photo: Yaniv Cohen/ Nature and Parks Authority)One of the earliest churches in Israel has been uncovered by archaeologists at a site traditionally believed to be where Jesus gave Peter the keys to the kingdom of Heaven. The 4th century Byzantine church was discovered at the foot of waterfalls in the Banias Nature Reserve, in northern... Read more

The Ancient Book for Anxious Moderns

There is perhaps no Old Testament book more perfectly suited for preaching to the modern West than Ecclesiastes. Even before the disquieting unrest of 2020, it was clear that America had entered a new age of anxiety. Just over the past few years, diagnoses of major depression have skyrocketed, rising 33 percent from 2013 to... Read more

Israeli Archaeologists Find Ancient Weight from First Temple Period

Israeli Archaeologists Find Ancient Weight from First Temple Period Israeli archaeologists found an ancient weight from the time of the first Jewish temple built by Solomon.The weight was found near the Western Wall beneath Wilsons Arch, an ancient stone arch, in Jerusalem.According to CBN News, the weight is the measurement of two shekalim."The weight is... Read more

God Can Heal Ancient Hurt | by Max Lucado

God moves us forward by healing our past! Can he really? Can God heal this ancient hurt in my heart? Of course He can. In fact, God cares about justice more than we do. Were reminded in Romans 12:17-19, Never pay back evil for evilnever avenge yourselves. Leave that to God, for He has said... Read more

Bronze cross among finds at ancient Christian settlement uncovered in Israel

A mosaic floor found at Pi Mazuva(Photo: Israel Antiquities Authority)Archaeologists in Israel have found what they believe to be an ancient Christian settlement dating back to the 7th century AD. Pi Mazuva was first discovered in 2007 and ongoing research at the site has brought many artefacts to light, offering insights into the nature of... Read more

PETER WROTE TO AN ANCIENT MULTI-SITE CHURCH: A Study in 1 Peter | Pastor Mark Driscoll

24 Jun PETER WROTE TO AN ANCIENT MULTI-SITE CHURCH: A Study in 1 Peter Posted at 03:00h in Daily Devotions by Mark Driscoll Peters two letters are a mere 166 verses. Although rather brief, they are power packed. The people he wrote to were living in a pagan city which meant that to live as... Read more

God’s ancient answer for racism

(Photo: Unsplash/Clay Banks)Recent racially charged incidents including the tragic death of George Floyd have stirred ensuing riots and torn open the rawest of wounds racism. Judging a person according to skin color is an ancient sin. For that reason, God gave this ancient solution.In the earliest words of Scripture, God spoke: "Let us make human... Read more

The Ancient Problem of Discontentment

Editors’ note:  Taking the advice of C. S. Lewis, we want to help our readers keep the clean sea breeze of the centuries blowing through our minds, which, as he argued, can be done only by reading old books. To that end, our Rediscovering Forgotten Classics series surveys some forgotten Christian classics that remain relevant... Read more

Christians can face at this time’s plague like historic Christians confronted theirs – Mission Community Information

[ad_1] Worldwide (MNN) E3 Companions believes Christians at this time can present the identical fearlessness as historic believers throughout two plagues that devastated the Roman Empire. How can Christians, who've the hope of Christs kingdom, reply in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic and the struggling it has triggered around the globe? Jim Shannon of... Read more

An Oxford Scholar Has Been Arrested for Allegedly Stealing Historical Biblical Texts to Promote to Passion Foyer | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Dirk Obbink, professor of papyrology and Greek literature at Christ Church Oxford, was arrested on allegations of stealing a Gospel of Mark fragment considered the world’s oldest New Testomony textual content amongst 120 different historic items of papyrus. Obbink was one of many three students accountable for searching for the Egypt Exploration... Read more

Muslim messages broadcast from historic Christian church – Mission Community Information

[ad_1] Turkey (MNN) The Hagia Sophia, an historic and iconic Christian church in Turkey,has been utilized by the federal government to broadcast Muslim messages. David Curry of Open Doorways USA says the Hagia Sophia represents the guts of the Japanese Orthodox Church and has been particular to Christians for hundreds of years. Emperor Constantine, the... Read more

The Historical Downside of Discontentment

[ad_1] Discontentment is an issue as outdated as time. God had created Adam and Eve in excellent relationship with himself and one another. They lived in a lovely world, free to eat from any tree besides one. However they needed exactly what they didnt have. The Uncommon Jewel of Christian Contentment Jeremiah Burroughs Banner of... Read more

Liberian village trades historic human sacrifice for Christs sacrifice

[ad_1] Liberia (MNN) — A village in Liberia with a ugly historical past now has new objective. Over a century in the past, villagers buried six women alive as a sacrifice for energy. They then erected six stones on the sacrificial grounds and worshipped these stones as a logo of energy purchased with blood. That... Read more