Dolly Parton, America’s Brightest Angel, Was a Funder of Moderna’s Promising New COVID Vaccine | RELEVANT

On Monday, new reports of a very promising new COVID-19 vaccine were published from pharmaceutical giant Moderna. At this point, virtuallyanysign that things are looking up on the pandemic front is a cause for celebration, but this particular good news comes with one of the all-time great American soundtracks: Dolly Parton was one of its... Read more


I lost my baby girl when she was just three days old. I think about her every day and I have for 44 years. When it happened, there weren’t a lot of people I could reach out to, and hospitals weren’t really equipped to help you deal with the grief and how to say goodbye.... Read more

Criss Angel Has Posted One of many Lamest Magic Trick Movies of All Time | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] If youve watched the A&E present Mindfreak, youve doubtless seen magician Criss Angel pull off some fairly cool tips. This one posted to YouTube on New Years Day just isn't certainly one of them. This new video sadly veers into Gob Bluth territory. The Grand Canyon Demise Soar goes from nonsensical to... Read more

An Angel at Christmas | Christmas Devotional by Helen Lescheid

[ad_1] Whereas Joseph and Mary had been in Bethlehem (removed from house) the time got here for the infant Jesus to be born, and Mary gave beginning to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and positioned him in a manger, as a result of there was no room for them within the... Read more