Church of England launches Anti-Racism Taskforce to tackle racial inequality

Following the retirement of the former Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu (pictured), there are not serving diocesan bishops from a UK minority ethnic background (UKME) in the Church of England.Picture By Keith BlundyA new taskforce has been launched to oversee changes aimed at achieving racial equality in the Church of England.  The Anti-Racism Taskforce... Read more

Antiracism Educators, Your Sources Matter

Unless you are truly living in a monolithic environment, your inbox is probably flooded with invitations to join virtual book clubs, watch parties, webinars, and open-ended discussions on race, power, gender, and privilege. In this watershed moment, we have tightly grasped the fact that these conversations need to be more open and accessible particularly if... Read more

Most pastors supportive of anti-racism protests – survey

(Photo: Unsplash/Max Bender)The vast majority of American pastors support peaceful anti-racism protests, new research by the Barna Group has found. Protests have been taking place across the US since the death of unarmed black man George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers. Of the 400 pastors surveyed by Barna, 76% said they believed churches should... Read more

30 Day Anti-Racism Prayer Challenge

When I consider all the hatred in our world and the far-reaching pain and destruction racism has caused, I can easily become overwhelmed. What can I, a middle-aged woman from the Midwest, do to stand against such evil? In truth, a lot. Through prayer, I can enlist help from the Creator and Sustainer of all... Read more

President Trump Meets With Black Leaders to Discuss Police Reform, Anti-Racism

President Trump Meets With Black Leaders to Discuss Police Reform, Anti-Racism President Donald Trump met this week with conservative black leaders to discuss police reforms and other anti-racism proposals.According to the Christian Post, the meeting was the first of two. In Dallas later in the week, Trump also met with black leaders to... Read more

Not Another Sunday: People of Faith Commit to Anti-Racism Work

Dear People of Faith, Worldwide anti-racist protests against police brutality, racial violence, and systemic racism have mobilized hundreds of thousands of individuals and produced rapid and long-overdue change in many cities in just a little over a week. Sustained actions have resulted in the arrests and charges of those directly responsible for George Floyds murder;... Read more