Teach Us the Art of Praise! – Tim Challies

While most people know that few have ever preached like Spurgeon, not nearly so many know that few have ever prayed like Spurgeon. Believe it or not, many who attended his church spoke less of his preaching and more of his praying! The little book The Pastor in Prayer captures some of his pastoral prayers,... Read more

The Art of Intentionality – Girlfriends in God – August 17, 2020

August 17, 2020The Art of Intentionality Gwen SmithTodays TruthI know that I will remain, and I will continue with all of you for your progress and joy in the faith (Philippians 1:25, NIV)Friend to FriendWhen I was growing up, ours was on the doorframe between the kitchen and the hall with the red carpet. A vertical... Read more

‘How Great Thou Art’ is the hymn of choice to inspire hope during Covid-19

'How Great Thou Art' is the most popular hymn for inspiring hope during the coronavirus pandemic, a poll by CAFOD has found. The hymn is based on a 19th century Swedish poem that was translated into English in 1949 by missionary Stuart K Hine. It came out on top in a Twitter poll by the Catholic aid... Read more

Carrot Bacon and the Art of Persuasion – Christ and Pop Culture

What you seecarrots? Or do you see bacon? This is the question Tabitha Brown poses at the beginning of her video in which she instructs her followers in alchemy, or turning carrots into bacon. It seems like a nonsense question. Do you see a pencil or a zebra? Clothespins or the moon? A concrete truck... Read more

Our Father, Who Art on Sinai: The Ten Commandments Today

Our society seems muddled, bewildered, confused, caught in several turbulent crosscurrents that pull it to and fro. On the one hand, were expressive individualists who nod our heads when someone expresses distaste for rules and regulations; binary systems box us in and bind us, prohibiting us from fully embracing our own personal narrative. On the... Read more

The Artwork of Listening | Devotional by Alec Niemi

[ad_1] In a sound take a look at lab a few educated audiophiles had been listening to a classical music piece. Their job was to take heed to a brand new speaker design that was being developed. They had been to judge the standard of the sound being generated. To do that they'd take one... Read more

The Misplaced Artwork of Catechesis

[ad_1] A Witness to Biblical Religion and Apply With the forthcoming publication of To Be a Christian: An Anglican Catechism, not solely the Anglican world, however the Church usually, stands to obtain a really exceptional doc. Inside are 368 question-and-answer pairings that root Christian educating within the three-fold order of conventional catechisms: that of the... Read more

The Artwork of the Third Manner

[ad_1] We live in a time of camps and drawn traces, yeah? Are you with us or are you not? Are you devoted or are you not? Are you clever and loving or are you not? I'm a cradle member of the United Methodist Church, the place it may be argued this isnt unfamiliar. Actually... Read more

Four Concepts for Artwork Journaling with Your ESV Digital Scripture Journal

[ad_1] This text is a part of the ESV Digital Scripture Journal collection. Get Inventive The ESV Digital Scripture Journal could be a useful gizmo for artwork journaling on the digital pill of your alternative. Listed below are just some concepts for a way you would possibly use this distinctive Bible version to specific your... Read more

The Definable and Indefinable Nature of Artwork – Christ and Pop Tradition

[ad_1] Each different Tuesday inStoried,Okay. B. Hoyleexplores the methods our cultural narratives act on us individually and in society as an entire. In an interview in October, acclaimed film author, director, and producer Martin Scorsese responded to a query about Marvel superhero movies by evaluating them to theme parks. He stated, I dont assume theyre... Read more

A Voice within the Darkish: The Relation between Artwork and Struggling – Christ and Pop Tradition

[ad_1] This text was created in partnership with InterVarsity Press. Art is an inspiration and an escape. Artwork soothes the soul, broadens the thoughts, and renews our religion within the goodness of life. And if artwork is such an ethereal and enchanting factor, absolutely artists and artwork lovers should reside on one other aircraft of... Read more