Why Christs Ascension to Heaven Really Matters – TGC Africa

Does Christs ascension to heaven make any difference to us on earth? Its a good question to ask, not least on Ascension Day. But if we are going to examine the why, we need first to look at the what. What exactly happened at Christ’s ascension? The Ascension Described Before Jesus rose from the dead,... Read more

Recovering the Forgotten Doctrine of Christs Ascension

The ascension is often overlooked in Christ’s life. It might be because of the oft-placed emphasis on the cross and resurrection. Debates have typically centered on what Christs death accomplished and whether the resurrection is historically verifiable. Meanwhile, the ascension sits at the end of the couch completely ignored. Maybe people dont want to draw... Read more

Whats So Great About the Ascension | RELEVANT Magazine

Whats So Nice Concerning the Ascension | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Jesus rose from the lifeless. Its the inspiration of what Christians imagine. However is it actually so wonderful? Thats an unorthodox query, I do know: however why? Why, as Christians, ought to we imagine that Jesus Christ is God as a result of he rose from the lifeless? The truth that Christ... Read more