Atheist Group Gets Gideons Booted from Georgia School District

Atheist Group Gets Gideons Booted from Georgia School District An atheist group is claiming victory after a Georgia school district pledged not to allow outside groups like the Gideons to distribute religious materials in the classroom.The Freedom from Religion Foundation, which represents atheists, agnostics and skeptics, sent a letter to Effingham County Schools... Read more

When a Lesbian Atheist at Yale Came to Christ

Years ago, while living as a gay man (before my radical conversion to Christianity), I briefly dated an exceptionally talented and prolific Hollywood producer. He recently made a deal with a major Hollywood studio worth an extraordinary amount of money. When asked by a journalist what he planned on doing with all that money, he... Read more

Mary Jo Sharp

How an Atheist Turned to Jesus Regardless of the Church: An Interview with Mary Jo Sharp – Bible Gateway Weblog

[ad_1] Critics ask, “Why would anyone become a Christian when there’s so much hypocrisy in the church?” With de-conversion tales being reported, why is it that the church inadvertently produces atheists regardless of its life-giving message? Does atheism clarify the human expertise higher than Christianity? How can the reality of Christianity matter when the behaviors... Read more