Christian leaders worldwide call on IMF and World Bank to cancel debts of the poorest nations

Nyamuot Joak and her one-year-old daughter Nyayiena Gatkuoth, who has Severe Acute Malnutrition and is being treated at a clinic run by Christian Aid's partner UNIDO, in South Sudan's Unity State.Andreea Campeanu / DECChristian leaders from around the world and across the denominations have made a joint call to the IMF and World Bank to... Read more

Barclays Bank bank has kowtowed to the illiberal mob

(Photo: Unsplash/Cecilie Johnsen)I read recently how a UK-based non-profit Christian organisation which supports men and women with homosexual issues who voluntarily seek change in their lives was jettisoned by their bank because of what an LGBT organisation said about them. The Core Issues Trust has been targeted by LGBT activists because they offer one-to-one counselling and support... Read more

Israel’s Prime Minister Says West Bank Annexation Can Only Begin with the United States’ Help

Israel's Prime Minister Says West Bank Annexation Can Only Begin with the United States' Help Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the U.S. seems to be stalling on plans to allow Israel to annex areas in the West Bank.It was clear from the start that the application of sovereignty would be done only with... Read more

U.K. Christian Ministry Loses Bank Accounts after Campaign by LGBT Critics

U.K. Christian Ministry Loses Bank Accounts after Campaign by LGBT Critics A Christian ministry in the United Kingdom recently received death threats, had its bank accounts closed, and saw Instagram and Facebook removed content from their pages. In addition, Core Issues Trust, which is committed to supporting men and women who voluntarily want... Read more

Israel to Postpone West Bank Annexation Plan

Israel to Postpone West Bank Annexation Plan Despite having pointed to July 1 as his initial target date to begin the annexation of the West Bank, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu indicated on Tuesday that the move would be delayed.According to the Associated Press, on Tuesday, after speaking with White House envoy Avi... Read more

Church leaders ask UK Government to help stop annexation of West Bank

(Photo: Unsplash/Cole Keister)Catholic and Anglican bishops have asked the UK Government to help prevent the annexation of the West Bank. Israel is preparing to annex parts of the West Bank from 1 July in a move strongly opposed by Church leaders. The Rt Rev Declan Lang, Catholic Bishop of Clifton and Chair of the Holy... Read more

Trump to Announce If He Supports Israel’s West Bank Annexation Plan

Trump to Announce If He Supports Israel's West Bank Annexation Plan President Donald Trump is expected to announce soon whether the White House supports Israels plan to annex parts of the West Bank.According to CBN News, Trumps Middle East team will meet this week. The team includes Jared Kushner, Secretary of State Mike... Read more

Church leaders oppose Israel’s annexation of the West Bank

Palestinians place flags on road signs during a protest against Jewish settlements near Ma'on settlement, south of the West Bank city of Hebron.ReutersThe heads of the Church of England and Catholic Church in England and Wales have expressed their opposition to the annexation of West Bank territory by Israel. The Archbishop of Canterbury and Cardinal Archbishop... Read more

World Bank projection spells disaster for India – Mission Network News

India (MNN) — Indias economy was already staggering before COVID-19 made a bad situation worse. The World Bank announced yesterday that the Indian economy will likely shrink by 3.2 percent in the current fiscal year. The previous fiscal year saw a 4.2 percent decrease. An economic hit to Asias third-largest economy would have global ramifications.... Read more

12 Tasty Depression Era Recipes That Wont Break the Bank

Money is tight and food prices are rising. Tasty Depression Era recipes connect us with past generations and offer a great way to eat cleaner and cheaper!If youve had the privilege of knowing someone who lived through the Great Depression, more than likely you heard about the food they ate or didnt eat. Learning how... Read more