Police break up baptism service that defied lockdown rules

(Photo: Unsplash/Chuttersnap)British police interfered with a baptism service held in England due to the religious event having more people in attendance than allowed by recently implemented lockdown restrictions. The London-based congregation The Angel Church held a baptism ceremony on Sunday, led by 28-year-old Senior Pastor Regan King, which 30 people tried to attend. Once alerted... Read more

London Police Block Church’s Baptism Service; Pastor Retorts: Love Is Not a Crime

London Police Block Church's Baptism Service; Pastor Retorts: Love Is Not a Crime London police blocked a church from holding a baptism service Sunday after the pastor and the congregation gathered in defiance of new Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.About 30 members of Angel Church in Islington a borough of London had gathered for the baptism service... Read more

The Ballot Booth Is Not Your Baptism

Election seasons are always emotionally exhausting, but this political year has been especially concerning from a pastoral perspective. On both ends of the spectrum Ive witnessed Christians propagating political views more passionately than they preach the gospel. Ive seen a troubling trend toward elevating the ballot booth to a sort of baptisma religious litmus test... Read more

‘Merciful Hand of God:’ Thai Church Celebrates Baptism of over 1,400 People

'Merciful Hand of God:' Thai Church Celebrates Baptism of over 1,400 People Despite gloomy predictions for Thailand at the onset of the global pandemic, an evangelical church-planting mission in the Southeast Asian country has experienced dramatic growth.According to Christianity Today, church members of Free in Jesus Christ Church Association (FJCCA) celebrated the baptisms of 1,435... Read more

Priest Kicks Autistic 7-Year-Old Out of His Sister’s Baptism Ceremony

Priest Kicks Autistic 7-Year-Old Out of His Sister's Baptism Ceremony A New Jersey mom says she wants an apology after a Catholic church priest kicked her autistic son out of a private baptism ceremony.Julia Vicidomini said Rev. Luke Duc Tran, the priest at Christ the King Church in Hillside, told her 7-year-old son... Read more

Can Baptism and the Lords Supper Go Online?

Can baptism and the Lords Supper go online? For the next who-knows-how-long, churches in many parts of the world will be unable to gather. So pastors like me are lovingly scrambling for solutions. Theres no playbook for this. When the church cant gather physically, what can we do to encourage and nourish Gods people? Most... Read more

Will Babies Be in Heaven? (Part 2): Baby Baptism | Pastor Mark Driscoll

19 May Will Babies Be in Heaven? (Part 2): Baby Baptism Posted at 03:00h in Daily Devotions by Mark Driscoll As a new Christian and Senior Pastor in my twenties, I will never forget one of my first funerals. A godly young couple gave birth to twin boys born prematurely. One lived. The other died.... Read more

10 Issues You Ought to Find out about Baptism

[ad_1] This text is a part of the 10 Issues You Ought to Know collection. 1. Baptism is a sacrament. A sacrament is a covenant signal that's applicable to the guarantees made by God in his covenant. The tree of life pointed to God because the creator of human life and his promise of everlasting... Read more