Celebrating the Legacy of Herman Bavinck: An Interview with James Eglinton

It has been a prodigious decade for Dutch Reformed theologian Herman Bavinck (18541921). The translation of his four-volume work into English at the turn of the century sparked a surge of scholarly and pastoral interest, and new editions and translations of his works, along with new academic monographshave rapidly multiplied. This is, of course, with... Read more

Herman Bavinck for the 21st Century

[ad_1] A Time of Upheaval For the reason that current English translation of his Reformed Dogmatics (20032008), Herman Bavinck (18541921)the chief dogmatician of the Dutch Reformed custom within the late nineteenth and early twentieth centurieshas gained a large listening to amongst theologians within the twenty-first century. Bavinck was born into the orthodox Reformed custom stemming... Read more