9 Benefits of Worshiping during ‘Why, God’ Trials

When our prayers are being answered, when the test results are the ones weve prayed for, or when we get that job we really needed, we look up and praise God and have no problem worshipping him. But is that conditional worship? If God does what we want... then Hes worthy of praise? No. God is... Read more

Professors issue correction to paper on mental health benefits of ‘gender-affirming’ surgeries

PixabayTwo professors who published a paper last year on the mental health benefits of 'gender-affirming' surgeries have revised their original findings.  The population study, published last October in the American Journal of Psychiatry, was conducted by John Pachankis, associate professor at Yale School of Public Health, and Richard Brnstrm, associate professor at Sweden's Karolinska Institute. They analysed... Read more

Whats the Distinction Between Gospel Advantages and Prosperity Theology?

[ad_1] Glen Scrivener begins the dialog by saying the issue with prosperity theology is treating Jesus as if he's the supply system for a bunch of blessings other than him. Scrivener then references Sinclair Ferguson’s e-book The Entire Christ, which says that the issue with our gospel displays is that we speak about each blessing... Read more