Beware the Ideal Woman in the Age of Self

In days when bestselling books aimed at women peddle a message of self-confidence in fluent Christianese, quotes like What we need right now is more women who are full of themselves receive thousands of views and hundreds of positive comments on Instagram. The influencers who tout these messages are selling todays ideal womanthe confident, successful,... Read more

Beware of Christian Gaslighting

Watch out for Christian Gaslighting

[ad_1] Gaslighting is a type of psychological manipulation and abuse through which seeds of doubt are sown in a focused particular person or in members of a focused group, making them query their very own reminiscence, notion, and sanity. Inside Christianity, it may manifest as when individuals are focused and spiritually manipulated by pastors, theologians,... Read more

Beware the god of Open Options

Beware the god of Open Choices

[ad_1] In reality, he guarantees you freedom fromallgods,alltasks. Preserve your choices open, he whispers. Worship me, and also you dont need to serve something or anybody. No dedication vital. Complete freedom. God Who Commits The residing God, the loving, triune God, didnt create us to maintain our choices open. He didnt create us to reside... Read more

Beware of Deception | Devotional by Darren Hewer

Watch out for Deception | Devotional by Darren Hewer

[ad_1] You're affordable individuals. Determine for yourselves if what I'm saying is true. 1 Corinthians 10:15 Opening your e-mail inbox, you discover a brand new e-mail: From Chief Oyinbolowo Eko with the topic REQUEST FOR AN URGENT BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP. Unusual, you suppose to your self, knowingly rolling your eyes, I dont know a Chief Oyinbolowo... Read more