Pastor facing charges for launching balloons with Bibles into North Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un attends a grand military parade celebrating the 70th founding anniversary of the Korean People's Army.ReutersA US pastor is facing prosecution after launching balloons carrying Bibles into North Korea.  Eric Foley, CEO of Voice of the Martyrs Korea, has been launching the balloons into the hermit communist country for the... Read more

Christian Organization Sends 27,000 Bibles to Communist Albania

Christian Organization Sends 27,000 Bibles to Communist Albania Mission Cry, an organization that works with local churches by sending them bibles and helping with church plants, just sent 27,000 Bibles to Albania, a communist country in Europe off the Ionian Sea and Adriatic Seas.Mission Cry's president, Jason Woolford, told The Christian Post that the group "had... Read more

Teaching Bible’s view of sexual ethics could be ‘hateful’ under new Scots law

(Photo: Unsplash/Mohammed Fahad)The Bible could be considered "inflammatory" and seized by police if proposed new hate crime laws get the go ahead in Scotland, The Christian Institute has warned. In a submission to Holyrood's Justice Committee on the Scottish hate crime Bill, the organisation said that the legislation risked having a "chilling effect on free... Read more

Mission Cry sends Bibles and books to Albania – Mission Network News

Albania (MNN) — A container of Bibles and used books arrived in Albania, providing Christians with access to the Word of God and other faith-based books and resources. Mission Cry partners with a ministry in Amsterdam who approached them about sending resources to Albania, and Jason Woolford says they jumped at the chance. [The ministry]... Read more

Nigeria receives shipment of Bibles and Christian books – Mission Network News

Nigeria (MNN) — Nigerian Christians continue to suffer from persecution and problems related to the pandemic, but Mission Cry is offering those suffering a measure of peace and hope. The ministry has sent three containers of Bibles and Christian books to the country. Jason Woolford of Mission Cry explains that these materials are vital for... Read more

World Mission taking water, audio Bibles into Kenyan No Mans Zone

Kenya (MNN) — The vast majority of Gospel ministry in Kenya takes place in Nairobi and other western parts of the country. Venture north towards the Kenya-Somalia border and things can get dicey for followers of Christ. However, that is exactly what World Mission and their partners are doing. World Missions Greg Kelley says they... Read more

Bibles delivered to Yali tribe 52 years after first missionaries martyred

Indonesia (MNN) — A plane laden with 2,400 Bibles was recently welcomed by the joyful chanting and swaying of Yali tribal women in Papua, Indonesia. The Yali people requested more Bibles in their native language and Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) was eager to respond. What makes this particular flight so remarkable is a story of... Read more

New ASL Bibles support work in Africa, Asia – Mission Network News

International (MNN) — Translators finished the worlds first whole Bible in any sign language in September. Spearheaded by Deaf Missions, the American Sign Language Version (ASLV) took nearly 40 years. DOOR International also finished its Chronological Bible Translation in ASL earlier this month. President Rob Myers says these ASL Bibles are critical resources for Deaf... Read more

A volunteer helps Mission Cry collect used Bibles – Mission Network News

USA (MNN) — On an ordinary day, Mike Schofield found himself listening intently to an interview on his trucks radio. Mission Crys president Jason Woolford described how the ministry distributed used Bibles and Christian books all over the world. I had to dig for more, Schofield says, so I contacted Mission Cry and got involved.... Read more

Help! Im Struggling to Accept the Bibles Teaching on Men and Women

This article is part of the Help! series. A Deeply Fulfilling Vision Experience has taught me that there are two ways to commend a vision of manhood and womanhood. One way has to do with rational argumentation concerning factual evidences. For example, an evangelical Christian wants to know, Does the Bible really teach this vision... Read more

2,500 Bibles sent to remote tribe that once killed missionaries

During the month of August MAF flew several flights of Bibles to the Yali people. They had received their translation back in 2000 but you can imagine what a bible might look like after 20 years in rough interior of Papua. What a joy to bring in new Bibles for the people and a for... Read more

Churches in China need Bibles following historic floods – Mission Network News

China (MNN) — Parts of China saw once-in-a-century flooding in recent weeks. Above-average rainfall and subsequent flooding affected 70 million people throughout the country; damages cost at least $29 billion. The deluge caused more financial difficulties this year compared to previous seasons, Chinese officials report. Kurt Rovenstine of Bibles for China says rural church partners... Read more

‘Lost’ Bibles to be recovered in major digitisation project

(Photo: Unsplash/Aaron Burden)An ambitious new digitisation project is set to make the Bible more accessible than ever for hundreds of minority language groups. MissionAssist, Bible Society and Wycliffe Bible Translators are seeking an army of volunteer translators to help with the huge task of bringing these 'lost' Bibles into the digital realm. The Bible Digitisation... Read more

It Looks Like That Video of Protestors Burning Bibles Was Part of a Russian Disinformation Campaign | RELEVANT Magazine

Earlier this month, a video appearing to show protestors in Portland, Oregon burning Bibles went viral, fueling speculation that the Black Lives Matter protests had gotten out of hand or, perhaps, were always part of an anti-religion agenda that wanted to replace law and order with godless chaos. The video was shared in articles... Read more

Bibles For The World to launch distribution campaign in Vietnam – Mission Network News

Vietnam (MNN) — Planning a new project during a pandemic is difficult work. Unforeseen complications, ever-shifting restrictions, and the danger of the virus itself all make event-organizing incredibly challenging. And yet Bibles For The World has been working on a new initiative for some time now. Theyre focusing on Vietnam, a country with high persecution... Read more

Bibles, American Flags Set Ablaze by Portland Rioters

Bibles, American Flags Set Ablaze by Portland Rioters Fires were set by rioters in front of a federal courthouse on Friday night in Portland, Oregon, as the city entered its 65th consecutive day of protests.According to Breitbart, Ian Miles Cheong, the managing editor for Human Events, noted that Bibles were being burned outside... Read more

White Fragility and the Bibles Big Story – Tim Challies

Robin DiAngelos White Fragility is one of the bestselling books of 2020 and one of the resources most commonly recommended to those who are concerned with issues of race, racism, and racial reconciliation. In a previous article I attempted to summarize the book as a kind of narrative that explains what the world should be... Read more

Shipment of Bibles, books, food lands in Pakistan – Mission Network News

Pakistan (MNN) — Mission Cry just landed a shipment of Bibles and Christian books in Pakistan. Thats not unusual for their ministry – theyve sent crates and shipments all over the world – but food distribution is. Yet in the middle of a pandemic and its economic impact, thats exactly what theyre doing. We were... Read more

Celebrate Audiobook Month (And the Rest of the Year) With Audio Bibles – Bible Gateway Blog

Content manager for Bible Gateway According to the US Library of Congress, 1877 is the date popularly given for Thomas Edison’s completion of the model for the first phonograph.He was trying to improve the telegraph transmitter when he noticed that the movement of the paper tape through the machine produced a noise resembling spoken words... Read more

Political tensions rise; Bibles For China presses on – Mission Network News

China (MNN) — China-U.S. relations remain tense this week. China made its territorial ambitions clear on Friday, reestablishing its authority over Taiwan and Hong Kong. During his state-of-the-nation report, Premier Li Keqiang confirmed Chinas desire to bring what it views as a Chinese province under its control: We will encourage them to join us in... Read more

You Are What (Animal) You Eat: Making Sense of the Bibles Dietary Laws

I love bacon and ham and the occasional scallop. Sometimes, theres nothing that will substitute for a grilled pork chop. Yet for thousands of years, Gods people were denied these delights. Why? Many Christians immediately look for reasons of hygiene or health. Pigs wallow in muck, and pork breeds the larvae that cause trichinosis. Shrimp... Read more

Mission Cry is sending Bibles around the globe even during COVID-19 pandemic – Mission Network News

International (MNN) Though the COVID-19 pandemic forced much of the world to shut down, Mission Cry is still sending Gods Word to those in need. Executive Director of Mission Cry, Jason Woolford, explains that the pandemic is making the need for Gods Word even more clear. (Photo courtesy of Mission Cry.) He says, I believe... Read more

Robust Demand for Bibles Throughout World Disaster; Life Software Examine Bible, Third Version Now Out there in Massive Print and Private Measurement – Bible Gateway Weblog

[ad_1] With nearly all of People confined to their properties, 1000's affected by COVID-19, and Bibles an more and more sought-after useful resource, Tyndale and Zondervan have launched two new editions of the Life Software Examine Bible, Third Version, (Tyndale Home/Zondervan, 2019): Massive Print and Private Measurement. [Learn the Bible Gateway Weblog submit, A Museum... Read more

10 Key Bibles Verses on Demise and Resurrection

[ad_1] This text is a part of the Key Bible Verses sequence. He Trampled over Demise by Demise Gods phrase paints an image of a future when dying can be swallowed up in Christs victory on the cross, and the place believers will reside eternally with him. Lord, hasten the day! Be heartened to hope... Read more

Is the Bibles Educating about Homosexuality Offensive?

[ad_1] Male and Feminine, God Created Them The Bible is unequivocal on the query of gay intercourse. First, males sleeping with males is prohibited within the Jewish regulation (e.g., Lev. 18:22; 20:13). This doesn't show the case for Christians. Many Outdated Testomony legal guidelines are particularly declared not binding within the New Testomony (for instance,... Read more

New Artisan Assortment Bibles: An Interview with Olivia Pleasure – Bible Gateway Weblog

[ad_1] Following the success of the primary line of NIV Artisan Assortment Bibles, Zondervan Bibles, a division of HarperCollins Christian Publishing, is releasing new NIV and NRSV Artisan Assortment Bibles. [Signal as much as get the free Bible Verse of the Day delivered to your e-mail inbox from Bible Gateway] Visually interesting from the within... Read more

Only some days left to ship twice as many Bibles – Mission Community Information

[ad_1] Pakistan (MNN) Forgotten Missionaries Internationals Twice as Far marketing campaign has nearly reached its finish, however there may be nonetheless time to donate. Mollah He went from coaching suicide bombers to changing into a Christian devoted to the Gospel. Mollah (identify modified for safety) demonstrates the ability of the Holy Spirit working by way... Read more

Nicely-worn and in excessive demand: Audio Bibles in Kenya

[ad_1] Kenya (MNN) — Kenya is basically Christian, however many believers dont have entry to Bibles. And even when they do, not all of them can learn. Roughly 22 p.c of Kenyans are illiterate. That makes solar-powered audio Bibles invaluable since individuals can hearken to Gods Phrase of their coronary heart language. Kenya Hope sends... Read more

Bibles for China sees elevated strain, however continues work – Mission Community Information

[ad_1] China (MNN) As non secular strain continues to develop in China, Bibles for China sees the impression. Nationwide companions report that the federal government is forcing extra of a presence in day-after-day actions and worship. Though Bibles for China operates legally, the elevated scrutiny can imply challenges for the Church. Tightening Restrictions, Continued Work... Read more

What to Do with the Bibles Purity Legal guidelines

[ad_1] Concern of defilement and uncleanness appears so overseas to us, so primitive. Historical Jews, following the Mosaic legislation, handled ladies as unclean throughout their month-to-month intervals (Lev. 15:924), and nonetheless immediately Muslims imagine bodily fluids defile clothes. Tribal cultures are filled with taboos, and Hindus of sure castes keep away from contact with individuals... Read more