What it Takes to Mother Black Boys

When I thought about becoming a mother, I knew that I wanted to find out the gender of each child as early as possible so that I could plan for his or her arrival. There were names to select and a registry to createdreams of cribs and mobiles danced in my head like sugar-plum fairies.... Read more

Schools that Let Boys Compete in Girls’ Sports Violate Title IX, Trump Admin. Rules

Schools that Let Boys Compete in Girls' Sports Violate Title IX, Trump Admin. Rules A Connecticut statewide policy that allows biological boys who identify as girls to compete in girls-only sports violates Title IX, the Trump Department of Education has ruled. At issue is a policy by the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) the... Read more

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Tips on how to Elevate Boys Who Respect Ladies: An Interview with Dave Willis – Bible Gateway Weblog

[ad_1] How can dad and mom biblically and virtually elevate a era of sons who're champions, encouragers, and respecters of ladies? What are the rules dad and mom want to show their sons so they'll change into males who break the sample of pondering and appearing that result in the #metoo and #churchtoo atrocities? Bible... Read more

Raising Black Boys with Hope

Elevating Black Boys with Hope

[ad_1] My son hasnt at all times recognized he was black. For the primary seven years of his life, he primarily referred to folks in shades of browns and tans and definitely didnt know that being black might mark him as a goal. That solely occurred once we moved to america in the summertime of... Read more

Nickel Boys and the Double Victory of Love Over Racial Injustice

Nickel Boys and the Double Victory of Love Over Racial Injustice

[ad_1] Tucked into Pulitzer Prize-winning creator Colson Whiteheads latest novel,Nickel Boys,is a fully Christian understanding of sin. Whitehead creates a fictional but all-too-real world within the Nickel Academy, a reform college for troubled youth in civil-rightsera Florida. He populates the terror-filled setting and diagnoses its illness: You'll be able to change the regulation however you... Read more

The small miracle of one boys first Bible - Mission Network News

The small miracle of 1 boys first Bible – Mission Community Information

[ad_1] Indonesia (MNN) — Agus is a sixth-grader from Kalimantan, Indonesia, a small village positioned on the rainforested island of Borneo. Agus’ household practices Animism, the idea that souls possess on a regular basis objects and vegetation . Agus did too, till seven {dollars} launched him to the Gospel. Bruce Allen of FMI tells the... Read more