Pat Robertson: Trump Will Win Reelection but the U.S. Will Be ‘Torn Apart’, War Will Break Out against Israel

Pat Robertson: Trump Will Win Reelection but the U.S. Will Be 'Torn Apart', War Will Break Out against Israel CBNs Pat Robertson said Tuesday he sensed God told him President Trump would win re-election but the country subsequently will be torn apart and Muslim countries will declare war on Israel.Robertson, speaking on the 700 Club,... Read more

Armenia and Azerbaijan break another truce – Mission Network News

Azerbaijan (MNN) — Another week, another failed ceasefire between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the Southern Caucasus. The countries are fighting over the Nagorno-Karabakh region, a long-disputed piece of land between their borders. A refugee family (Photo courtesy of SGA) Russia brokered the truceonce again,and the ceasefire was supposed to go into effect on the morning... Read more

3 Reasons Youre Feeling Stuck and How to Break Free

2. Youre Stuck in the Idea of How Things Are Supposed to Be  We tend to view our lives according to our goals, our desires, and our will. We marry someone with the expectation that they will fulfill certain needs or desires in our lives. We have kids in the hopes of expecting things to... Read more

Are There Any Records Taylor Swift’s ‘Folklore’ Didn’t Break? | RELEVANT Magazine

The numbers for Taylor Swift’s surpriseFolkloreare in and they are fairly astonishing. It turns out dropping an album mid-pandemic when the world is stuck at home with nothing to do is a good business strategy, especially when the album is as solid as this one, which features contributions from the National’s Aaron Dessner, Bon... Read more

12 Tasty Depression Era Recipes That Wont Break the Bank

Money is tight and food prices are rising. Tasty Depression Era recipes connect us with past generations and offer a great way to eat cleaner and cheaper!If youve had the privilege of knowing someone who lived through the Great Depression, more than likely you heard about the food they ate or didnt eat. Learning how... Read more

It is Time to Break the Routine in Your Marriage

[ad_1] The Routined CoupleWe're a really routine couple. Richard wakes up every single day at 5 am to seize a espresso and search the Lord. I, however, am routine relating to well being and health. I work out 5-6 days every week and eat the identical varieties of meals, meal after meal. The opposite day... Read more