10 Ways the Church Can Speak Love to Black and Brown Brothers and Sisters

As I sat in a home Bible study with two other couples, I wrestled with the question the host asked.He read an article that stated a certain percentage of people say they experience discrimination. He posed the question: How do they know? I pondered why he asked. Was this question a result of ignorance? Was... Read more

The Avett Brothers Are Figuring Out Their True Selves | RELEVANT

The Avett Brothers feel like a touring band. Its hard to explain why but its probably not something that needs much explanation if youre at all familiar with their music. And seeing as these guys have been making music since 2000, youre probably familiar with them. Scott and Seth Avett along with bandmates Bob Crawford... Read more

10 Things Black Brothers and Sisters Most Need to Hear from the Church

As a Christian, I have always felt that regardless of the color of my skin, the church would be a safe place. I imagined there would be no discrimination, no hierarchy based on race, no infiltration of laws that diminished Black people. Perhaps this was all in my imagination, because though I know this is... Read more

The Avett Brothers Have Announced a New Album and Released the First Single: ‘Victory’ | RELEVANT Magazine

The Avett Brothers are already back. Hot on the heels of 2019’sCloser Than Together, the first sons of North Carolina will be releasingThe Third Gleamthis August. They’ve even got a new song to prove it. The tender, haunted“Victory” finds Scott and Seth Avett presumably in quarantine together, stitching the sparse song together live. It’s... Read more

Seeing and Believing 250 | The Dardenne Brothers’ Young Ahmed and Kitty Green’s The Assistant

Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, two favorite filmmakers of Seeing & Believing, have a new film out, so of course, the guys are on the case! Wade and Kevin take a close look at the Dardennes’ story of a young teenager who is attracted to Islamic fundamentalism, and they discuss its spiritual underpinnings, its compassionate perspective,... Read more

Nathan Fielder and the Safdie Brothers Have a Comedy Sequence within the Works | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] From the “Pairings That Make No Sense but Sound Very Cool Anyway”, Nathan For You creator Nathan Fielder is teaming up with Uncut Gems author/director duo Benny and Josh Safdie for a comedy collection headed to Showtime. The half-hour comedy known as The Curse and explores the unusual, supernatural goings-on of the... Read more

Seeing and Believing 231 | Greta Gerwig’s Little Ladies and the Safdie Brothers’ Uncut Gems

[ad_1] Ring within the New 12 months (a few days late) with a brand new Seeing & Believing! This week, Wade and Kevin overview a few movies that had Christmas releases. Greta Gerwig’s Little Ladies adapts Louisa Might Alcott’s much-adapted novel; does her perspective set her movie other than the group? In the meantime, Josh... Read more