Casting My Burdens – Daughters of Promise – November 17

CASTING MY BURDENSBy: Christine WyrtzenCast your burdens upon the Lord and He shall sustain thee. Psalm 55:22These are days filled with anxiety. The world feels as fragile as an egg shell. So do some elements of my life, some people that I love. As one who endeavors to carry everything and everyone to Jesus in prayer, I... Read more

5 Ways to Rest from Bearing the Family’s Emotional Burdens

If Jesus was physically present in my house, its likely that Hed accidentally end up tossed in my dryer and thrown on the de-wrinkle cycle.Seriously.Most days, my life feels like its spinning and flipping, tossing and turning. Im "balancing a nine-hour workday while trying to remember if I fed the dogs, set out the meat... Read more

Podcast: The Blessings and Burdens of Pastoral Ministry (Jeff Robinson)

This article is part of the The Crossway Podcast series. Perservering in Ministry In this episode, Jeff Robinson, coeditor of Faithful Endurance: The Joy of Shepherding People for a Lifetime, discusses the unique blessings and burdens of pastoral ministry. He reflects on the challenging seasons in ministry from his own lifeseasons when he contemplated leaving... Read more

4 Burdens Mothers Always Carry for Their Children

The Burden of Safety Ask any mom on the planet, and she will likely tell you that her childrens safety and well-being is at the top of her concerns. Not only were mothers created as nurturers, they were created with a heart of protectiveness as well. And while protectiveness can be a good thing, in... Read more

How To Bear Up Under Your Burdens – Tim Challies

We all bear burdens on our pilgrimage through this weary and wearying world. Sometimes these are burdens of temptation, when we feel the world, the flesh, and the devil arrayed against us, luring and enticing us toward some sinful thought or depraved deed. Sometimes these are burdens of guilt as we think back to a... Read more

Finding Blessings In Your Burdens Sermon Notes (1 Peter 1:1-12) | Pastor Mark Driscoll

07 Jun Finding Blessings In Your Burdens Sermon Notes (1 Peter 1:1-12) Finding Blessings In Your Burdens: 1 Peter 1:1-12 (1 Peter #1) -Ancient Roman Empire the superpower on earth, vast geography, diversity of nations/cultures/languages = constant social/religious/political conflict -Not yet full persecution, growing pressure powder keg 1). various trials then. 2). fiery trials coming/prophetic... Read more

How Can I Bear Others Burdens When Im Buried Under My Own?

Tune into What Feeds and Nourishes You We are only as good as the goodness that fills us. In this season, that is unlike anything weve ever experienced before, we must be intentional with our time and the things that fill our minds. We need to be fed first before we feed others, otherwise we... Read more

Carry Every Others Burdens | Devotional by Phil Ware

[ad_1] Carry every others burdens and on this approach you'll fulfill the regulation of Christ. Galatians 6:2 Ideas on at present’s verse I really feel so burdened myself, that typically I can’t even see others’ burdens. However Jesus jogs my memory that if I'm to be like him, I might be a burden provider. Because... Read more