No, Jake Tapper Is Not Trying to Cancel Christmas | RELEVANT

If you were online at all over the weekend something we can’t in good conscience recommend you may have seen a social media dustup about Jake Tapper, CNN’s chief Washington Correspondent. On Sunday, in a conversation with Dr. Anthony Fauci, Tapper was discussing the likelihood of new developments in COVID vaccine research and how soon... Read more

COVID Has Already Shut Down Some Churches, Don’t Let it Cancel Christmas, Too

COVID Has Already Shut Down Some Churches, Don't Let it Cancel Christmas, Too The shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child bring hope to kids who desperately need to feel Gods love. But during this time when the coronavirus pandemic is making it nearly impossible to just go to church, its even harder to get these boxes... Read more

Christian leaders worldwide call on IMF and World Bank to cancel debts of the poorest nations

Nyamuot Joak and her one-year-old daughter Nyayiena Gatkuoth, who has Severe Acute Malnutrition and is being treated at a clinic run by Christian Aid's partner UNIDO, in South Sudan's Unity State.Andreea Campeanu / DECChristian leaders from around the world and across the denominations have made a joint call to the IMF and World Bank to... Read more

Churches call on Government to cancel debt of poorest households

The Government is being urged to cancel the debt of people who have fallen into hardship after months of coronavirus restrictions. The Reset the Debt campaign is the joint initiative of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, Church Action on Poverty, the Church of Scotland, the Methodist Church and the United Reformed Church.  They warn that... Read more

What Is Cancel Culture and How Should Christians Respond to It?

The act of canceling ultimately calls for cutting a person, business, or organization off completely. In most cases, public apologies are no longer accepted. There is no corrective course of action. And anyone who continues to support something thats been canceled is also publicly outed and canceled.Cancel Culture is unforgiving. Living in a constant brood... Read more

The antidote to ‘cancel culture’

(Photo: Unsplash/Patrick Tomasso)Each week brings more bad news on "cancel culture"primarily individuals losing their jobs for one alleged offensive statement. Cancel culture is about shutting people down based on passing, momentary ideological fads. The communications director of Boeing was forced to abruptly resign because someone complained about an article he wrote in 1988 arguing against... Read more

The cancel culture: the intolerance of the tolerance agenda

(Photo: Pexels/Tracy Le Blanc)One of the only certain things we can say about these very uncertain times is that there is an oppressive air of incivility within the public square which is nowhere better evidenced than by the cancel culture. As far as social justice goes, the cancel culture is the lowest common denominator of... Read more

‘Say No to Cancel Culture’: Man Raises More than $255,000 to Buy Goya Products for Food Banks

'Say No to Cancel Culture': Man Raises More than $255,000 to Buy Goya Products for Food Banks A liberal-led boycott of Goya Foods has sparked a conservative backlash, with more than $250,000 raised in less than four days to purchase Goya products for food banks.Casey Harper, a television producer in Arlington, Va., set... Read more

Faith leaders urge Chancellor to cancel debt of developing countries as they battle coronavirus

Faith groups played a key role in Christian Aid's Ebola response in Sierra Leone, including by distributing food to quarantined homes in the capital Freetown.(Photo: Christian Aid/A D'Unienville)The former Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Williams is among the faith leaders calling on the Chancellor to cancel the debts of developing countries battling the impact of coronavirus. ... Read more

5 ways to conquer the cancel culture

FILE PHOTO - British writer JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series of books, poses during the launch of new online website Pottermore in London, England on June 23, 2011.REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett/File PhotoAs expected, the cancel culture is already out of control, now devouring itself. One day it's the statue of Teddy Roosevelt. The next... Read more

Time to cancel the cancel culture

(Photo: Unsplash/Jason Leung)It's hard to keep up. I jokingly remarked the other week, "What's next? Will they cancel Fawlty Towers?" They did. It's difficult to be a satirist when your whole society is turning into a Pythonesque joke except soon people won't know what 'Pythonesque' means because doubtless Monty Python will come under the Woke... Read more

‘A Christmas Carol’ for the Cancel Tradition – Christ and Pop Tradition

[ad_1] What was the explanation for all of this? Ebenezer Scrooge calls for of Jacob Marleys ghost within the new TV model of A Christmas Carol, which lately aired on FX in america and the BBC in Britain. Its a good query. All through the ponderous three hours and fifteen minutes of this Carol, the... Read more