Strong Case that Jesus Boyhood Home Has Been Found, Archaeologist Says

Strong Case that Jesus Boyhood Home Has Been Found, Archaeologist Says A United Kingdom archaeologist says the remains of a first-century house in Nazareth, Israel, could have been the home of Joseph, Mary and the boy Jesus.Ken Dark, a professor of archaeology and history at the University of Reading, told the BBC there is a strong... Read more

Theatre critic and theologian cannot be used as expert evidence in Christian actress’s discrimination case

A judge's decision to exclude expert evidence in the case of a Christian actress sacked over her views on homosexuality has been upheld by the Employment Appeal Tribunal in London.  Witness statements from respected theologian Dr Martin Parsons and Spectator theatre critic Lloyd Evans were now allowed to be admitted as evidence in the case of... Read more

‘The Case for Christmas’: Author Lee Strobel Explores the Historical Accuracy of Jesus’ Birth in New Bible Study

'The Case for Christmas': Author Lee Strobel Explores the Historical Accuracy of Jesus' Birth in New Bible Study Lee Strobel, best known for his classic book The Case For Christ, will be exploring the historical narrative behind the birth of Jesus in the upcoming Bible study, "The Case for Christmas".The atheist-turned-Christian and former award-winning former... Read more

Former Atheist Makes the Case for Christmas; Bible Gateway Hosts Free Online Bible Study with Lee Strobel Starting November 30 – Bible Gateway Blog

4-Week Video Series Explores Historical Veracity of Jesus Birth Award-winning former legal editor of The Chicago Tribune and former atheist, Lee Strobel, uses his legal and journalism training to investigate whether the account of the birth and divinity of Jesus is logically and historically credible, in the free Case for Christmas Online Bible Study November... Read more

Supreme Court Appears Poised to Side with Religious Liberty in LGBT Adoption Case

Supreme Court Appears Poised to Side with Religious Liberty in LGBT Adoption Case The U.S. Supreme Court appeared ready this week to side with a Catholic foster care agency in a major religious liberty case involving Philadelphias attempt to force the agency to place children in same-sex homes.The court heard oral arguments Wednesday, with conservative... Read more

Closing the Case on the Gospel of Jesuss Wife

On September 19, 2012, the world awoke to a coordinated set of press releases. Harvard Divinity School professor Karen King had unveiled a papyrus fragment with a Coptic text: Jesus said to them, My wife . . . According to King, while this Gospel of Jesuss Wife fragment didnt prove Jesus had married, it did... Read more

Al Mohler Has Made His Christian Case for Voting Trump | RELEVANT

Last week, famed author and pastor John Piper took to his website to write a lengthy piece on why he doesn’t feel comfortable voting for President Donald Trump in the upcoming election. This week, Piper’s fellow conservative evangelical Al Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, has written a piece arguing the opposite position:... Read more

High Court to hear abortion discrimination case

Heidi CrowterThe High Court in London will hear a landmark case against the UK Government over the country's discriminatory abortion legislation, which singles out babies with disabilities by allowing terminations right through to birth for conditions including Down's syndrome, cleft lip and club foot. Currently in England, Scotland and Wales, there is a 24-week time limit... Read more

The Case for Civility

My father was a pastor for most of my life. For more than 20 years he served two different churches as the lone elder. Being a pastors kid, positioned so closely to the day-in, day-out workings of a church, can give you a unique perspective on the inner life of an institution. The local church,... Read more

Christian teacher sacked over Facebook posts loses discrimination case

Kristie Higgs was dismissed after sharing two Facebook posts(Photo: Christian Legal Centre)A Christian school teacher who was dismissed over Facebook posts that were critical of transgenderism and sex education has lost her case at employment tribunal. During a weeklong hearing last month, Kristie Higgs argued that her dismissal by Farmor's School in Fairford, Gloucestershire, amounted... Read more

Tribunal reserves decision in sacked Christian teacher’s religious freedom case

Kristie Higgs was dismissed after sharing two Facebook posts(Photo: Christian Legal Centre)An employment tribunal has reserved its judgement in the case of a Christian teacher sacked after sharing Facebook posts critical of teaching young children about LGBT relationships.  Kristie Higgs, 44, challenged her sacking in a four-day hearing at the tribunal in Bristol last week.... Read more

Court Revives Case of Juror Who Was Dismissed from Jury for Praying for Guidance on Verdict

Court Revives Case of Juror Who Was Dismissed from Jury for Praying for Guidance on Verdict The full 11th Circuit Court of Appeals agreed Thursday to hear a case involving a former Congresswomans conviction on fraud and a juror who was dismissed for saying he had received guidance from the Holy Spirit on the verdict.Former... Read more

Christian Leaders Are Speaking Up About the Breonna Taylor Case | RELEVANT

On Wednesday, a grand jury in Louisville announced that none of the officers involved in the no-knock raid that ended with Breonna Taylor’s death would be directly charged. One officer, former detective Brett Hankison, will be charged with “first-degree wanton endangerment” for firing into Taylor’s neighboring walls. The ruling was not, perhaps, a great shock... Read more

A Case for Being Honest with Your Elders

I snuck into the bright sanctuary of the church and snagged a seat on the back row, taking in the people, the pastor, and the liturgy of the service. I was home for Christmas visiting my parents in South Carolina, knowing that, due to the divorce bearing down on my family, I would be moving... Read more

14-year-old Christian girl in forced marriage and conversion case on the run after fleeing husband

Maira Shahbaz(Photo: Aid to the Church in Need)A 14-year-old Christian girl who says she was kidnapped at gunpoint, and forced to convert to Islam and marry a Muslim man is on the run after fleeing from his home.  Maira Shahbaz is in hiding with her mother and three siblings after escaping from the home of... Read more

Tim Keller Makes the Case That Caring About Social Justice Doesn’t Make You a Marxist | RELEVANT Magazine

On Twitter, pastor, author and theologian Tim Keller engaged in a debate with reformed podcaster Jon Harris about social justice and its place in the modern evangelical framework. It was a debate Keller won, and it not only provides a great look a theology of justice but also a gracious, humble style of engaging in... Read more

In Iraq, a Christian mother’s bags are always packed in case she must flee ISIS again

Dalia(Photo: Open Doors UK)Each day this week Christian Today is sharing stories of persecuted Christian women who have found strength in Christ to face incredible hardships. Today we share the story of Dalia, who is finding courage in God's word despite the dangers of living in Iraq: Dalia's bags are always packed. She remembers all... Read more

Supreme Court Hands Major Victory to Christian Schools in Employment Case

Supreme Court Hands Major Victory to Christian Schools in Employment Case The U.S. Supreme Court handed private religious schools a major victory Wednesday, broadening the so-called ministerial exception and ruling they can hire and fire employees without being governed by anti-discrimination laws.At issue were teachers at two separate Catholic schools who sued after... Read more

SCOTUS Has Struck Down an Anti-Abortion Law in Its First Major Abortion Case Under Trump | RELEVANT Magazine

The Supreme Court has ruled that a 2014 Louisiana law restricting access to abortions is unconstitutional, siding with the pro-choice side in the reproductive rights debate in its first major abortion decision under President Donald Trump. Chief Justice John Roberts sided with the Court’s more liberal judges in the decision, which was written by... Read more

Colorado Will Re-Examine the Case of Elijah McClain, Who Died in Police Custody | RELEVANT Magazine

Last August, an unarmed 23-year-old Black man named Elijah McClain was walking back to his home in Aurora, Colorado when he was stopped by three white police officers responding to a call about a “suspicious” person. Bodycam footage shows McClain pleading with officers to leave him alone, saying “I’m an introvert! Please respect the... Read more

Another Unconvincing Case for Egalitarianism

Andrew Bartlett states the premise and purpose of his new book, Men and Women in Christ: Fresh Light from the Biblical Texts, at the outset: Bible-based Christianity is threatened with a needless schism. Devout believers line up under rival banners emblazoned “complementarian” and “egalitarian.” . . . The purpose of this book is to encourage... Read more

Supreme Court Cannot ‘Overturn the Word of God,’ Franklin Graham Says of LGBT Case

Supreme Court Cannot 'Overturn the Word of God,' Franklin Graham Says of LGBT Case Evangelist Franklin Graham says the U.S. Supreme Court exceeded its authority and may have infringed on religious liberty with its decision Monday expanding the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include sexual orientation and gender identity.The high court, in... Read more

MLKs Theological Case for Racial Justice (and Todays Thin Alternatives)

Every Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Americans celebrate the legacy of a man whose work profoundly advanced the cause for racial justice in the West. King was a man of many admirable attributesan eloquent orator, adroit strategist, and visionary leader. But most importantly, he was morally principled. His case for racial justice and the civil... Read more

Breonna Taylor’s Case Has Been Reopened | RELEVANT Magazine

The family of Breonna Tayloris getting another shot at justice. On Thursday, the FBI announced a new investigation into just what happened on March 13 whenpolice attempted to execute a “no-knock” warrant, shooting and killing the frontline worker while she slept in her home with her boyfriend Kenneth Walker. According to a wrongful death... Read more

Pastor wins religious discrimination case over gay comments

Rev George HargreavesThe pastor who penned Sinitta's hit song "So Macho" has won a religious discrimination case at employment tribunal. Rev George Hargreaves claimed he was shunned at work after an exchange with a colleague about homosexuality. When his colleague, Elizabeth Akano, commented that "people are born gay", Rev Hargreaves told her that "paedophiles make the same... Read more

Sworn Depositions Lead to More Questions in Planned Parenthood Fetal Tissue Sale Case

Sworn Depositions Lead to More Questions in Planned Parenthood Fetal Tissue Sale Case A new video containing the sworn depositions of Planned Parenthood executives shows the abortion giants employees breaking down a contract between them and a stem cell research lab for the sale of fetal tissue.The revealing video was released on Tuesday... Read more

Richard Dawkinss Latest Case for Outgrowing God

I finally gave up on God when I was 15, Richard Dawkins writes in his latest book,Outgrowing God: A Beginners Guide.He hopes to midwife kids of a similar age through a similarly rational rebirth. Believe in God as a child if you must. If your parents believe, you probably will. But follow the facts, Dawkins... Read more

Lets Deconstruct a Deconversion Story: The Case of Rhett and Link

Confession: When I was a kid, I was in love with Ricky Schroder. He was the only one for me. (Except for a short hiatus after The Karate Kid, when Ralph Macchio was my all in all for a few months.) That tow-headed heartthrob took my breath away with every episode of the 1980s sitcom... Read more

The FAQs: Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument in Major Abortion Case

What just happened? On Wednesday the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments inJune Medical Services v. Gee, the first case involving abortion since the court gained a conservative majority. What is the case about? In 2014 Louisiana passed a law requiring doctors who perform abortions in the state to have admitting privileges at a nearby... Read more

The World Is Moving on From the Case of Ahmaud Arbery. Will We? | RELEVANT Magazine

From the look of it, David Bailey and Nicole Unice are an unlikely pair. David is an African-American born and raised in Richmond, VA whos spent the majority of his professional life as a music director and music producer. Today, he leads Arrabon, an organization that builds reconciling communities in a digital, diverse, and... Read more