Climbing Mount Everest Was Just a Warmup for the Real Challenge: Marriage | RELEVANT Magazine

Climbing Mount Everest Was Just a Warmup for the Real Challenge: Marriage | RELEVANT Magazine

The first year of marriage is different for everyone. Some couples experience financial stress, others go through communication hurdles and still others encounter unexpected difficulties with careers, health or family. Some couples struggle with what’s next, while others know exactly what the plan is. But for Harold and Rachel Earls, authors of “A Higher... Read more

Our challenge as the Church to seek out the lonely and isolated

(Photo: Unsplash/Kenny Luo)When I was a boy, my family home was always extended to include the latest person desperately in need of companionship, support, family or maybe just a hot meal. From the elderly gentleman living opposite who, aside from us, had few friends, to a returning missionary family or the young person feeling like... Read more

Black ministers look to Church of Scotland to challenge racist attitudes

(Photo: Church of Scotland)The Church of Scotland has been urged to do more to stand up to racism after hearing the experiences of black clergy.  Rev Mandy Ralph, a minister in Ayrshire, was born into a mixed-race family in Glasgow and grew up in the small town of Largs, west of the city.   She recalls... Read more

My Great Daily Challenge As a Christian – Tim Challies

The great daily challenge I face in Christian living is not a challenge of knowledgeI know what I need to know in order to live in a way that pleases God. It is not a challenge of discernmentthere is rarely any great difficulty in distinguishing truth from error and right from wrong. It is not... Read more

30 Day Anti-Racism Prayer Challenge

When I consider all the hatred in our world and the far-reaching pain and destruction racism has caused, I can easily become overwhelmed. What can I, a middle-aged woman from the Midwest, do to stand against such evil? In truth, a lot. Through prayer, I can enlist help from the Creator and Sustainer of all... Read more

Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to Pandemic Restriction on Church Services

The Story: The Supreme Court recently rejected a challenge to a California pandemic policy restricting occupancy in churches to 25 percent of building capacity or no more than 100 attendees. The Background: South Bay United Pentecostal Church and their senior pastor, Bishop Arthur Hodges III, sought an injunction to prevent enforcement against them of various... Read more

J. D. Greears Challenge: How Will You Respond?

The idea that the gospel is weak and irrelevant is a patent lie, yet it continues to be a popular lie for the secular world to embrace and promote. You dont have to look far to encounter portrayals of Christiansespecially those “evangelical Bible-thumpers”as out-of-touch and bad for society.Weve been dismissed as backwoods, judgmental hicks. People... Read more

TGC Q&A: How Do I Challenge Buffet-Style Christianity?

Glen Scrivener: So Sam, in 2 Timothy 4, Paul talks about people gathering to themselves any number of teachers who will tell them what their itching ears long to hear. And these days, we’ve got earbuds to gather to ourselves any number of teachers from any number of podcasts, and audio books, and YouTube videos.... Read more

The unexpected challenge of free time

(Photo: Unsplash/Andy Fitzsimon)I read this on the internet where it was posted anonymously. "After years of wanting to thoroughly clean my house but lacking the time, this week I discovered that wasn't the reason."If you are like me and aren't working/studying or caring for children/vulnerable adults, the coronavirus has given us the blessing of spare... Read more

Trusted for Truth: The Great Challenge of the Age - Tim Challies

Trusted for Reality: The Nice Problem of the Age – Tim Challies

[ad_1] This week the weblog is sponsored by Southern Seminary and was written by R. Albert Mohler Jr. Southern is gifting away over 150 books this March for #SBTSMadness. Everybody who enters will obtain a free obtain of the Sermon on the Mount Examine Journal by Jonathan Pennington. A era in the past, David Wells... Read more

Acting Against the Spirit of the Times: The Challenge of Howard Thurman

Appearing Towards the Spirit of the Occasions: The Problem of Howard Thurman

[ad_1] In 1936, Howard Thurman, then the Dean of Rankin Chapel at Howard College and already a well-established author and educator, led a delegation of African Individuals to Asia as a part of a world friendship initiative. There he met Mohandas Gandhi, a pivotal encounter in his life which broadened his theological and social imaginative... Read more

15 Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes That Will Challenge You to Take Action | RELEVANT Magazine

15 Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes That Will Problem You to Take Motion | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Within the midst of his work to fight institutional racism inside the USA, Martin Luther King Jr. relied closely on ideas taught in Scripture. The knowledge and insights King gained as he helped lead the civil rights motion apply to us at present, for injustice nonetheless exists amongst us in lots of... Read more

Why Bible Reading Can Be Such a Challenge

Why Bible Studying Can Be Such a Problem

[ad_1] At their finest, Christians have saturated themselves within the Bible. They are saying with Job, I've treasured the phrases of his mouth greater than my every day bread (Job 23:12). That comparability was one thing the kids of Israel had been meant to be taught within the wilderness. We're instructed that God led them... Read more

Apatheism: Stronger Challenge to Evangelism Than Atheism Is

Apatheism: Stronger Problem to Evangelism Than Atheism Is

[ad_1] Im positive youve skilled it beforethat passionless, indifferent meh you obtain in response after asking somebody questions on their perception in God. These essential inquiries to philosophy, religion, and the which means of life, which you ponder and return to over and once more, are dismissed with the form of disinterest sometimes skilled by... Read more

The 2020 Christian Reading Challenge - Tim Challies

The 2020 Christian Studying Problem – Tim Challies

[ad_1] Do you like to learn? Do you wish to be taught to like to learn? Do you take pleasure in studying books that cross the entire spectrum of matters and genres? ThenIve acquired one thing which may be proper up your alleythe 2020 Christian Studying Problem. Whether or not you're a gentle reader or... Read more

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A problem to Christians hesitant to affix politicized abortion debate

[ad_1] USA (MNN) — An increasing number of teams — political, spiritual, and in any other case — are squaring off across the abortion debate. The Nationwide Abortion Federation just lately introduced an Episcopal priest as their new president and CEO. In the meantime, a Catholic priest denied communion to former Vice President Joe Biden... Read more

J. D. Greears Challenge: How Will You Respond?

J. D. Greears Problem: How Will You Reply?

[ad_1] The concept the gospel is weak and irrelevant is a patent lie, but it continues to be a preferred lie for the secular world to embrace and promote. You dont must look far to come across portrayals of Christiansespecially these “evangelical Bible-thumpers”as out-of-touch and unhealthy for society.Weve been dismissed as backwoods, judgmental hicks. Folks... Read more