My Great Daily Challenge As a Christian – Tim Challies

The great daily challenge I face in Christian living is not a challenge of knowledgeI know what I need to know in order to live in a way that pleases God. It is not a challenge of discernmentthere is rarely any great difficulty in distinguishing truth from error and right from wrong. It is not... Read more

The Afterword: Conversations on Books, Reading, and the Church – Tim Challies

This week the blog is sponsored by Westminster Bookstore and they are introducing a New Web Series and Podcast. We launched The Afterword because we dont want our ministry to the readers of the Church to end with the delivery of a book. To that end, we hope these digital discussions will foster a culture... Read more

A La Carte (July 6) – Tim Challies

I am taking this week off, so will not be sharing Kindle deals, unless I happen to spot something spectacular. You’ll survive for a week! In the meantime, enjoy these links from around the web… (Yesterday on the blog: A Glimpse of a Disciplined Life) Against Every Accusation “The devil is not only a liar... Read more

Another One of Those Family Updates (Graduations, Cameras, Travel) – Tim Challies

Over the past few weeks it has been interesting to see how different jurisdictions in Canada and elsewhere in the world have created and released guidelines for worship services during a pandemic. And then it has been interesting to see how different churches interpret those guidelines. Here in Ontario, we were given broad guidelines from... Read more

A Glimpse of a Disciplined Life – Tim Challies

One thing that always fascinates me when I read biographies is learning of other people’s habits. That’s especially true when the subject is extremely disciplined. Tim Chester’s Stott on the Christian Life is not quite a biography of John Stott, but it’s not far off. He gives an interesting glimpse of Stott’s normal, well-disciplined routines.... Read more

Weekend A La Carte (July 4) – Tim Challies

I wish all of my American friends (and family) a joyful and celebratory Independence Day today. Today’s Kindle deals include the usual Saturday classics with a few newer titles as well. (Yesterday on the blog: A Mid-Year Bible-Reading Checkup (Don’t Give Up!)) Proud to Be an American? Bruce Ashford: “As we celebrate the Fourth of... Read more

A Mid-Year Bible-Reading Checkup (Dont Give Up!) – Tim Challies

Six months ago many of us were excited to kick off the year with a new Bible-reading plan. We had the plan printed out and the Bible laid open and the time set aside. We began with a lot of discipline and enthusiasm. But along the way, life happened. We missed a day here and... Read more

Hope When Life Unravels – Tim Challies

Christians are well-resourced when it comes to books on suffering. Such books can typically be divided into two types: Those that are structured around theological themes and those that are structured around lived experiences. So some people begin with an examination of what the Bible has to say about suffering while other people begin with... Read more

A La Carte (June 30) – Tim Challies

If you’re looking to grow your ebook library, Westminster Books has about 350 of Crossways ebooks on sale at 50% off. (Yesterday on the blog: Follow the Way You Want To Be Followed) A Day for Lament at the Supreme Court Here’s Marvin Olasky writing for WORLD: “Roberts may have the opportunity to redeem himself... Read more

Less than 1% Christian!? – Tim Challies

This week the blog is sponsored by Mile One Mission, which is committed to planting Gospel-centered, Christ-exalting churches in North Americas least-churched area. The Need: In many circles, Canada and the United States are considered Christian Countries. Regardless of what you think of that phrase or its truth, we can assure you that there are... Read more

A La Carte (June 29) – Tim Challies

I trust you enjoyed your weekend, whether it involved watching a service from home or attending a local church. My family enjoyed a mix yesterday—we attended the service, then did a Zoom-based church business meeting. We are definitely in a bit of a lull when it comes to Kindle deals. There are still a couple... Read more

Follow the Way You Want To Be Followed – Tim Challies

Most of us lead, but all of us follow. God has so structured authority in this world that almost all of us are leaders in some areas of life and followers in others. Parents lead their children while following government. Managers lead their teams while following the CEO. Directors lead their organization while following the... Read more

Like Rain in the Fields – Tim Challies

Returning to public worship after 14 weeks apart has forced me to reflect anew on the joys of the local church. Perhaps for that reason I especially enjoyed this quote from Gunner Gunderson’s booklet What If I Don’t Feel Like Going to Church? in which he says “the gathering of the saints is like fresh... Read more

Weekend A La Carte (June 27) – Tim Challies

Today’s Kindle deals include some classics as well as commentaries by Stott and Kidner. (Yesterday on the blog: 12 New and Notable Books for June 2020) Systemic Racism, God’s Grace, and the Human Heart: What the Bible Teaches About Structural Sin Albert Mohler has a helpful look at systemic racism. “Sin corrupts every institution and... Read more

Free Stuff Fridays (Mediagratiae) – Tim Challies

This week the blog is sponsored by Mediagratiae, they want to give away 10 copies of A Guide to Family Worship. One grand prize winner will receive both A Guide to Family Worship and PURITAN: All of Life to the Glory of God Deluxe Edition Box Set. A Guide to Family Worship Family worship has been... Read more

12 New and Notable Books for June 2020 – Tim Challies

Summer is often a time when new book releases slow their pace as publishers await the busy fall season with all its conferences and other opportunities to make a splash. But this year we’ve been treated to quite a lot of noteworthy June releases. Here are a few of the books that have showed up... Read more

A Gasp of Pain, A Sigh of Relief – Tim Challies

The lockdowns are slowly ending and churches are tentatively re-opening. Of course most are opening during vacation season so have begun with a much-reduced schedule of programmingtypically Sunday morning services and not a whole lot else. But summer will soon be past and the busy fall season will be upon us. Its safe to assume... Read more

A La Carte (June 23) – Tim Challies

Today’s Kindle deals include just a few titles. It has been a slow couple of days. If you’re really hurting for something to read, why not try the May/June issue of Reformed Perspective which is free to read in PDF format. (Yesterday on the blog: Sometimes It’s Best To Express Your Wisdom in Silence) One... Read more

A La Carte (June 22) – Tim Challies

There is not a whole lot new on the Kindle front, but if you didn’t check in over the weekend it may be worth a look to see what you missed. (Yesterday on the blog: Make Your Life a Song!) Impromptu Interview with Todd Friel and Steve Lawson (Video) I rather enjoyed this somewhat-serious somewhat-silly... Read more

Sometimes It’s Best To Express Your Wisdom in Silence – Tim Challies

The story of Apelles and the presumptuous shoemaker has been passed down through the centuries for our reflection and edification. It is a tale worth telling today. Apelles is considered one of the greatest painters of the ancient world, though none of his works have survived the ages so we can see them with our... Read more

Make Your Life a Song! – Tim Challies

On a number of occasions I’ve come across the story of Mendelssohn and the Freiburg organ. The story may be apocryphal, but it still serves its purpose as a vivid illustration. I love this telling of the tale by J.R. Miller and the important lesson that accompanies it. A perfectly holy life would be a... Read more

Weekend A La Carte (June 20) – Tim Challies

My gratitude goes to SolaSites for sponsoring the blog this week! If your church or ministry needs a new website, they would love to speak to you. Today’s Kindle deals include some classics and at least one other book. There are two days remaining in a summer sale from Westminster Books. There are lots of... Read more

Free Stuff Fridays (Free Church Website!) – Tim Challies

This weeks Free Stuff Friday is sponsored by SolaSites. They are giving away a free church website to one church with no monthly fees for two years. Websites for Churches SolaSites is an all-in-one website platform for churches. We as a team are enthusiastic about helping churches and ministries reach the world. There’s no debate about... Read more

A Mid-June Family Update – Tim Challies

After many of these family updates in which Ive had to report, not much has changed I can finally say, lots has changed. As of today my region (Halton Region) has entered stage two of Ontarios reopening plan. While most stores have already been allowed to open, stage 2 now permits malls, attractions, recreation facilities,... Read more

How To Bear Up Under Your Burdens – Tim Challies

We all bear burdens on our pilgrimage through this weary and wearying world. Sometimes these are burdens of temptation, when we feel the world, the flesh, and the devil arrayed against us, luring and enticing us toward some sinful thought or depraved deed. Sometimes these are burdens of guilt as we think back to a... Read more

A La Carte (June 16) – Tim Challies

Today’s Kindle deals include a long list of commentaries and other reference material. (Yesterday on the blog: The One About Calvinism and Evangelism) Supreme Court: Employment Law Protects Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Joe Carter explains the recent ruling from the Supreme Court. “There are at least three reasons Christians should be concerned about this... Read more

The One About Calvinism and Evangelism – Tim Challies

If you read enough blogs over a long enough period of time, you will inevitably begin to see patterns emerge. You will see that certain subjects are addressed time and again by writer after writer. One such article that has been written a hundred times by a hundred people, myself included probably, is the one... Read more

The Prayer of a Convicted Sinner – Tim Challies

A recent book titledPiercing Heaven shares favorite prayers from the Puritans. Many of them are amazing. As an example, here is Philip Doddridge with the prayer of a convicted sinner. Injured King and almighty Judge, what can I say to the charges against me? Should I pretend to be offended, and defend myself? I do... Read more