U.S. Ambassador Brownback on Chinas High-Tech Persecution of Uighurs

The worlds most technologically sophisticated genocide is happening in the Chinese province of Xinjiang, say Rayhan Asat and Yonah Diamond in a recent article for Foreign Policy. According to Asat and Diamond, The Uighurs [pronounced Wee-grz] have been suffering under the most advanced police state, with extensive controls and restrictions on every aspect of lifereligious,... Read more

International community condemns China’s treatment of Uighur Muslims – Mission Network News

China (MNN) China currently finds itself in the middle of a political firestorm. Its treatment of Uighur Muslims has caused international outrage. China continues to deny allegations of mistreatment, despite video footage of Uighur Muslims blindfolded and forced to kneel on the ground in rows. These people have also been subjected to forced labor and... Read more

Renounce Christ or Lose Government Assistance, China’s Low-Income Christians Are Told

Renounce Christ or Lose Government Assistance, China's Low-Income Christians Are Told Christian citizens in China who receive social welfare payments have been ordered to abandon their faith or risk losing government support, according to a new report.The policy impacts low-income religious citizens who receive government assistance, according to Bitter Winter, a watchdog that... Read more

iPersecute: examining Chinas tech-savvy oppression of Christians - Mission Network News

iPersecute: analyzing Chinas tech-savvy oppression of Christians – Mission Community Information

[ad_1] China (MNN) — Christians stay one of the persecuted non secular teams on this planet. David Curry of Open Doorways USA says China rose considerably on the recently-released World Watch Listing.Extra concerning the 2020 World Watch Listing right here. During the last 24 months, [China] jumped nearly 20 spots, Curry says. That’s as a... Read more