How to Expose the Idols in Your Life

Few stories in the Old Testament tend to make us feel more superior to the Israelites than the tale of the golden calf in Exodus 32:16. How backwards they must have been to think you could make a god out of metal! How silly to think bringing offerings to a statue would bring peace, joy,... Read more

TGCs 2020 Advent Playlist

Advent couldnt come soon enough this year. So much in 2020a year that has felt like a decadehas been a perfect tee up for this Christian season of expectation and longing mixed with hope, joy, peace, and love. Advent is both a season of celebrationwith laughter, feasts, and fanfareand a season of anticipation, with occasional... Read more

Is Consumerism Consuming Us? | RELEVANT

If youre like me, you dont consider yourself a consumer glutton. You dont own the road with your pimped-out Excursion. You dont own the neighborhood with your seven-bedroom uber-mansion. Nope, youre just a little piece of the American pie. You take in a few dinners and movies with your friends, you drive whatever you can... Read more

Bianca Juarez Olthoff on the Power of Prayers of Lovingkindness | RELEVANT

Ill pray for you, I said to Nicole on the way out of church. Its a phrase I say often. I usually pray right in the moment, so I can be sure to honor my word and remember a persons need. As I pulled Nicole close to me, I asked God that her stress would... Read more

Decorating Your Apartment for Christmas on a Budget | RELEVANT

The leftovers are long gone and Thanksgiving is officially wrapped, which means its the most wonderful time of the year.Of course, you’ll want to decorate your apartment, but your bank account can barely accommodate one Christmas sock. No problem. Here are a few ways you can decorate your apartment for the holidays without spending a... Read more

Making the Most of the Meantime | RELEVANT

If there is one thing people in our generation hate to do, it is to wait. And why should we? We are an impatient generation that can Google questions rather than work for an answer. We can order shoes online rather than suffering the long weekend lines at the retail store. We can even book... Read more

Seeing & Believing 272 | Wolfwakers and The Personal History of David Copperfield

Seeing and Believing heads to the British Isles this week with a pair of films poised to make their way into the end of the year awards talk. First up is Tomm Moore and Ross Stewarts’s Wolfwalkers, the new project from the highly esteemed Cartoon Saloon. A mixture of myth and magic, Wolfwalkers uses stunning... Read more

When Mothering Feels Boring

I mentally ticked down the clock until bedtime: nine hours to go. It was only 11 a.m. Already I was fighting ennuinot because I dont love my children but because the day stretched ahead of me with the same activities I’d been doing for days before and would be doing for days afterward. I am... Read more

You’ve Heard About Mental Health Let’s Talk About Brain Health | RELEVANT

You’ve heard about your brain so often you’ve lived with it all your life that it can be easy to grow a little numb to what it actually is. We sort of understand what it does (thinking, feeling, making decisions, zoning out, etc) but what itisis an organ. A big pink organ sitting in your... Read more

How to Find Thankfulnessin 2020 | RELEVANT

I was really hoping to feel more thankful post-election. I was optimistic that we would be further along in understanding this virus, that our country would experience a smooth electoral transition no matter who won and that we would recognize a clear path to healing as a society. Thanksgiving, a time that has brought families... Read more

Gift Ideas for Every Enneagram Type | RELEVANT

More than anything else, what would you like to unwrap this year? What do you definitelynotwant? What gift ideas are winners for each Enneagram type youll buy for this season? Each Enneagram type has gifts they would love to give and gifts they love to receive. So what would you like to receive? What gifts... Read more

The Best Thanksgiving TV Episodes to Watch With the Fam | RELEVANT

The greatest thing about TV is that it makes us feel something. And it makes us feel even more during the holidays, with its influx of cheerful holiday-themed episodes that we can watch with our families.Here are our top picks for the best Thanksgiving episodes to enjoy with your family today. “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”... Read more

Jason Bateman, Timothe Chalamet and Kristen Wiig Will Close Out the Year in ‘SNL’ | RELEVANT

It’s been a pretty wild year forSaturday Night Live, with the weirdly winsome homemade quarantine episodes, an unprecedented eight-show streak leading up to the election and the, let’s say, mixed reviews on Jim Carrey and Alec Baldwin’s face off as Biden and Trump. There have been bright moments, like Dave Chapelle’s riveting post-election monologue and... Read more

Honestie Hodges, Whose Handcuffing Sparked a National Outrage, Has Died of COVID at 14 Years Old | RELEVANT

In 2017, 11-year-old Honestie Hodges was handcuffed by Grand Rapids, Michigan police who were looking for a 40-year-old woman, in a case that national headlines and led to the implementation of Honestie Policy,” which urges the least restrictive means possible for police dealings with children. On November 22 of this year, Honestie Hodges passed away... Read more

Thankfulness Is a Spiritual Discipline | RELEVANT

Thursday is Thanksgiving here in America. And while this is a day specifically dedicated toward thankfulness and gratitude, we must not forget giving thanks ought to be a way of life for the people of God. I point this out because its possible we struggle to live the kind of life defined by gratitude. Perhaps... Read more

Introverts: Quarantine is Not an Excuse for Isolation | RELEVANT

If not for the sign that advertised Free coffee for an Overly-caffeinated Introvert, I would have spent a Saturday sitting on my patio and binge-watching videos on the internet for the fifth week in a row. Normally, this disturbs my extroverted friends. But since various levels of lockdowns have made this year anything but normal,... Read more

More Americans Are Going Hungry Now Than at Any Other Point in the Pandemic | RELEVANT

A new data analysis survey from the Washington Post found that around 26 million Americans currently say they don’t have enough to eat. While food insecurity has long loomed large in the U.S., the COVID-19 pandemic has heightened the blight of hunger in the country to new levels. With government relief aid drying up and... Read more

The Mandalorian Recap: Guns and Ships (Season 2, Episode 4) – Christ and Pop Culture

Were running a weekly recap of The Mandalorian on Disney+ for season two. There are spoilers, duh! Youve been warned. No kids, we are not there yet. I know, I know. Im excited to see Ahsoka Tano too, BUT FIRST, we need to stop on the planet Nevarro in this week’s episode, “The Siege.” Why?... Read more

This Thanksgiving, Come to the Table

My dish sits on the table in front of me, piled high with mashed potatoes, stuffing, and glazed carrots: the flavors of home. To my left and right are my siblings and in-laws, nephew and nieces passing gravy and commenting on the green beans. This family of minepieced together and added to through marriage and... Read more

TGC Q&A: How Do I Proclaim Christ as the Only Way in a Pluralistic Age?

The following is an uncorrected transcript generated by a transcription service. Before quoting in print, please check the corresponding audio for accuracy. Heather Calvillo: Welcome back to TGC Q&A, a podcast from The Gospel Coalition where each week you’ll hear conversations between members of our council and friends, who provide their unique perspective on your... Read more

Ron Howard on Why He’s ‘Interested in the Way People Work Together to Achieve Something’ | RELEVANT

Few Americans have been part of the entertainment conversation longer than Ron Howard. He was a welcome guest in home across the U.S. in his Andy Griffith Showdays and, of course, asHappy Days‘ Richie Cunningham. Today, he’s become maybe even more famous on the other side of the camera as an Oscar-winning filmmaker behind movies... Read more

Thanksgiving Is No Time to Obsess About Healthy Eating | RELEVANT

As you’re planning your (safe, socially distanced) Thanksgiving feast this year, you might feel the temptation towards moderation. After all, it’s been a long quarantine season. You may have gained a little weight from all that late night boredom snacking. Maybe you should cut back a little for Thanksgiving, right? Not so fast. Lets just... Read more

The Prosecutor Who Put Brandon Bernard on Death Row Her Changed His Mind. Is It Too Late? | RELEVANT

Prior to this year, no federal executions had taken place in the U.S. since 2003. But then in July, Attorney General William Barr and President Donald Trump resumed the practice and have authorized the death penalty eight times. Number nine is Lisa Montgomery, scheduled to die for her murder of a pregnant woman in 2004.... Read more

Generosity Is the Mark of True Gratitude | RELEVANT

It’s easy to be selfish about Thanksgiving. You see it a lot, this year especially. People don’twantto socially distance. Theywantto get together, eat a big meal and watch football. That’s perfectly understandable. It has, emphatically, been a long year. Getting together to laze the days away with loved ones almost sounds worth taking a chance... Read more

Persuasion 207 | Thankful People, with Dustin Crowe

Thanksgiving is typically full of feasting and family and friends. But this year? For most of us, gathering with others to enjoy our typical feast is off the table due to the global pandemic. Even if you are able to celebrate with your immediate family, the day is likely to be tinged with emptiness. And... Read more

Taylor Swift’s ‘Folklore’ Socially Distanced Concert Film Will Go to Disney Plus | RELEVANT

While Taylor Swift likes to talk about how normal and boring her life is, she’s unusual in at least one respect: The woman does not sleep. Fresh on the heel of her record-breaking album of quiet quarantine anthems Folklorecomes another project. Disney Plus will host the album’s concert film or, at least, what counts for... Read more

Beyonc Is Now the Second-Most Nominated Artist in Grammy History | RELEVANT

The Grammy nominations landed on Tuesday and along with them, another chance to argue about the Grammys. What purpose do they serve? Have they ever gotten anything right? How did Noah Cyrus, an artist who’s been releasing singles since 2016, snag a “Best New Artist” nomination? But things seems fairly appropriate. Beyonc snagged nine nominations,... Read more

Inside TikTok’s Wild COVID-19 Vaccine as Christian Persecution Meme | RELEVANT

TikTok memes run the gamut from bizarre to hilarious to even genuinely thoughtful or daringly creative. But like any social media platform, great power comes with great responsibility and not every user is quite up to the task. Take user @itstaylorrouseau, a TikTok user with almost 560,000 followers. Most of her TikToks are the usual... Read more

Dont Let 2020 Stop Your Thanksgiving

On a chilly autumn night, my family sat together on a firm, wooden pew in our small New England church. At home, the giant turkey thawed in an ice-water bath in the kitchen sink. My mothers and grandmothers pies lined the counter. Wed driven 45 minutes to the Thanksgiving Eve service that night, a tradition... Read more

Justice For the Rest of Us | RELEVANT

Lets face it, there will never be a way to simply add justice to your lifeno seven easy steps to a life of love and justice, no simple measure that lets you feel good about making a difference in your spare time. A biblical life of love and justice requires a deep intentionality that can... Read more