5 Wonderful Ways to Budget for Christmas Gifts in a Pandemic

We know that the wise men brought gifts to Jesus during his childhood years, to celebrate his birth (Matthew 2). But what happens when we find ourselves in the middle of a pandemic during the Christmas season?After all, many of us have cut back on funds we used to spend on non-essential items. We may have... Read more

15 Christian Movies You Can Watch on Netflix in 2020

11. Same Kind of Different as Me (2017) A businessmans outlook on life and marriage is changed when he develops a friendship with a homeless man. This inspiring movie is based on the best-selling book of the same name by Ron Hall. It stars Greg Kinnear, Rene Zellweger, Djimon Hounsou and Jon Voight. Rated PG-13... Read more

5 Christmas Traditions to Resurrect This Year

This year has been a tough year. This is something we can likely all agree on. A global pandemic, increased tensions within our nation, and a hotly-contested presidential election have left many of us feeling stressed, weary, and anxious. What we can also all agree on is that we need some extra holiday cheer this... Read more

5 Ways to Make Your Every Day More Meaningful

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up as you are already doing. (1 Thessalonians 5:11)In a culture of self, setting aside a few moments of your day to serve or encourage someone else will stand out to others and bring deeper meaning to your day.Encouraging someone else can be as simple as reading... Read more

7-Day Prayer Challenge for Homeschool Families

Our family made the decision to homeschool in 2010 when our youngest was ready to enter Kindergarten. It was not a decision that we took lightly, it was one that we prayed over and continue to pray over every year as we seek to follow after God in this decision.Ten years and three kids later... Read more

4 Things You Need to Finish 2020 Well

If we have learned anything in 2020 it's where we have placed our hope, or better yet, where we have misplaced it. From pandemics to politics, toilet paper shortages to quarantine, we have been challenged in ways we have never experienced in our lifetime. Our limits have been pushed and our hope has been tested.... Read more

5 Prayers for Peace in the Family

No one chooses the family they are born into. The relationships we form with our family, especially in childhood, have the potential to leave an indelible mark for the rest of our natural lives.As often depicted in the Bible, but without name, the nuclear family consists of two married people with dependent children. Contradictory to... Read more

How Should Christians Talk to Their Kids about LGBTQ Issues?

1. Talk to your kids about TRUTH. We live in a culture that denies truth. The world says that what is true for you isnt necessarily true for me. The worlds truth is subjective. Thats fine as long as were talking about the best burger joint or who was the greatest hitter in baseball history.... Read more

10 Books of the Bible Christians Don’t Read Enough

Alisha Headley iBelieve Contributing Writer Growing up, I always considered the Bible to be rather boring. Parts of it intrigued me as I learned the most popular stories: Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah and the Ark. And then of course fast forward to the New testament where we learn that Jesus was born... Read more

How to Seek and Find God When Life Keeps You Busy

Although this time during quarantine has freed up time in some ways since many events, gatherings, and usual activities have been cancelled or postponed, in other ways life has seemed to keep up with its normal fast pace. There is still work that needs to be done (whether from home or the office), kids who... Read more

How to Build Routines That Matter for Your Life

As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of Gods varied grace: whoever speaks, as one who speaks oracles of God; whoever serves, as one who serves by the strength that God suppliesin order that in everything God may be glorified through Jesus Christ. To him belong glory... Read more

5 Practical Ways to Help Your Kid Pay Attention Learning at Home

Making sure kids eat breakfast before school has been a long-touted piece of advice, but making sure they get the right kind of fuel for their brains is a topic worth emphasizing.While most families struggle to get everyone up and at em on time, its important to slow down long enough to ensure your child is... Read more

8 Beauty and Fashion Mistakes Mature Women Make And How to Fix Them

When it comes to our looks, trying to keep up with Father Time can seem to be a losing battle. Its not because there arent products, diets and procedures available to help take off the years. Goodness knows, 50 is the new 40 and, as a whole, our generation looks much younger in our later... Read more

Where Does the Phrase “for Everything There Is a Season” Come From?

How Should We Move Through the Seasons? There is a literal and metaphorical message in the idea of seasons. The literal idea is that the four seasons demarcate specific times of the year where physical changes in nature occur. Every season, winter, spring, summer, fall, all convey specific images.Animals migrate depending on the season. Leaves... Read more

6 Challenges Teachers Are Facing with Coronavirus

Teaching has never been an easy job. The demands on time, emotions, and mental health have always been challenges teachers face, but they do it because they love their students and have a deep desire for them to succeed. However, the 2020 pandemic has created a torrent of challenges that teachers are doing their best... Read more

3 Ways COVID-19 Could Transform Us for Better or for Worse

Unprecedented: Its the word thats repeatedly been used to describe the COVID-19 pandemic and its resulting circumstances and its a word that is almost cringe-worthy at this point. By definition, it refers to something never before known or experienced.To some personalities, new and different is easily tolerated, or can even be exciting, but to others,... Read more

Should Christians Be Concerned by the LGBTQ direction in Hallmark Movies?

We Should Approach This Issue with Courage We live in a culture that cancels Gods truth, and it cancels those who dare speak it.Speak it anyways.Not on a street corner wearing a sandwich board while screeching through a bullhorn. Few lives are reached that way. Few lives are transformed from a tweet or a Facebook... Read more

10 Songs to Listen to When Life Is Changing

by Tauren WellsIn this beautiful song of praise, the vocalist recognizes both the highs and lows of life and understands that Gods grace and love surpasses any broken dreams. The Lords presence and faithfulness remains the same at all time. The song is an expression of 2 Corinthians 12:9 and serves as a reminder that we... Read more

10 Things I Hope Never Go Back to Normal after COVID-19

Pre-COVID-19, if you asked people what hindered them from spending quality and quantity time in Bible reading and prayer, youd hear the word busyness a lot. For many, COVID-19-induced limitations have become an invitation to spiritual renewal.Without a lengthy commute, they have time to linger with the Scriptures, start that Bible study theyve always wanted to... Read more

10 Reasons Why This Is a Wonderful Time to Be Alive

God has placed us in this generation purposefully, to live life to the full. This is a wonderful time to be alive, despite the challenges surrounding our modern world on a daily basis. From ancient history to today, chaos and conflict have challenged humanity. We were never promised life would be easy (Matthew 7:13-14), but... Read more

A Prayer for a New Purpose for a New Day

Purpose is something we shouldnt live one day without. Since the beginning of our livesin fact before we were bornGod had a purpose for us. The Psalmist testifies, For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mothers wombYour eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written... Read more

10 Verses to Guide Your Prayers for This Coronavirus School Year

Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings.When I think about the state of the world my kids have to grow... Read more

How to Face a Daunting School Year in a COVID-19 World

The arrival of the end of summer means only one thing, school is back in session. In true 2020 fashion going back to school is far more complicated than it used to be. Parents are having to make hard decisions about where or when their children will go to school. It is one of the... Read more

What Happened to the Clear Vision We Hoped for in 2020?

At the end of 2019, I was struggling with a severe anxiety disorder relapse fifteen years in the making. It had taken everything out of me. I had to take time off of work. I changed everything about how we were doing life while I was trying to heal. I didnt think it could get... Read more

Praying the Armor of God for Students Returning to School

Leah Lively Crosswalk.com Contributing Writer With the state of our world over the last few months, our students and children need prayers now more than ever. Our lives have gone from somewhat predictable to completely unpredictable. Each day we turn on the news, we are faced with more challenges and unknowns. Students returning to school... Read more

8 Ways Your Time with God May Need to Change

Perhaps the hardest work here is the most crucial. Romans 12:1-2 exhorts us not to be conformed to the world we live in, but to be transformed, changed, by renewing our minds in the Word. Inevitably we will learn things in the Bible that are at least unfamiliar, if not contradictory, to the ideas we... Read more

10 Classic Family Movies with Powerful Gospel Messages

Betsy St. Amant Haddox iBelieve Contributing Writer It can be hard today to find quality movies that dont fill our minds with filth. My husband and I frequently analyze whether we should keep the various streaming programs we subscribe to. More often than not, we find ourselves deleting them for a season. Add children into... Read more

3 Remedies to Revitalize Awkward Family Devotions

3. Welcome Their Questions Questions come with the territory, and the older kids get, the harder they can be to answer. One thing we never want to do is shut down their questions with responses like because the Bible says so or just have faith and dont question it. While our intentions may be good,... Read more

A Simple Plan to Welcome Calm during COVID-19

The two most popular words currently are unprecedented and uncertain. The COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged the globe, leaving many wrestling with fear and worry. Millions have lost jobs and hundreds of thousands have lost loved ones. Just when we thought things were getting better, the numbers are again on the rise.Along with the uncertainty, fear... Read more

10 Family-Friendly Movies to Watch While Stuck Home Together

(2019, PG) Frozen 2 is a sequel that doesnt disappoint.  The catchy tunes, engaging storyline, and a sisterhood that is inspiring.  Elsa, Anna, Christof, and Olaf go on a journey to uncover the truth about the past. Along the way, Olaf humorously comments on his growing maturity.Christof struggles with finding the right way to propose... Read more