Propaganda on Why He’s Not Ready for Justice Activists to Go Back to Brunch Yet | RELEVANT

Although President Donald Trump’s various attempts at a legal challenge to the vote continue unabated, there is just no reason to doubt that Joe Biden handily won the election and will be sworn in as president in January. This raises all sorts of emotions and, in some cases, lack thereof among the American populace. Some,... Read more

Movies You Can Watch With Your Parents That Are Actually Good | RELEVANT

OK, presumably, not many of us are headed home for the holidays. Unless you’re already living with your parents (which, all things considered, is neither unlikely nor anything to be embarrassed about) you’re probably, hopefully keeping Thanksgiving a small, socially distanced affair this year as we all do our best to flatten that nerve-wracking curve... Read more

Well, Sean Feucht Is Now Selling ‘Jesus Christ: Super-Spreader’ T-Shirts, Apparently | RELEVANT

We’ve covered Sean Feucht’s current Let Us Worship campaign, in which the one-time Bethel Music worship leader is traveling coast-to-coast protesting state-mandated social distancing guidelines with an outdoor concert series. His protest/worship concert hybrids have understandably stirred up a lot of strong reactions. Some from people who resonate with Feucht’s notion that current guidelines issued... Read more

How to Find Rest in Restless Times | RELEVANT

Most of us have been there. We wake up, somehow peel ourselves out of the bed and reach for our phone. By the time weve scrolled through junk email, news, socials and all the wonderful, worrisome or weird things to be found on the Internet, the clock has moved much further than we thought. A... Read more

Pfizer Is Submitting Its COVID-19 Vaccine for Emergency FDA Approval Today | RELEVANT

Good news alert: Pfizer is submitting its COVID-19 vaccine to the FDA, requesting emergency approval to speed up the process and begin distribution to Americans. Pfizer has evidence that the vaccine is safe and about 95 percent effective at blocking the vaccine. If all goes well, the first doses of the vaccine could be administered... Read more

Seeing and Believing 271 | Ron Howard’s Hillbilly Elegy and Sean Durkin’s The Nest

With family gatherings just around the corner (or not) for Thanksgiving, Wade and Kevin take a look at a couple of new family dramas that are just hitting streaming platforms this week! First up is Ron Howard’s Hillbilly Elegy, starring Amy Adams and Glenn Close. How does the cinematic adaptation of J.D. Vance’s bestselling memoir... Read more

What Quarantine Rhythms Should Families Make Permanent?

At some point in 2021depending on the coronavirus situationparents will transition their families from quarantine back into more regular routines (Lord willing). Its an attractive prospect, given the limitations and frustrations that sequestered life has created. But along with our eagerness to ditch stay-at-home life, are we blind to its benefits? If all we can... Read more

Brittney Moses on How the Church Can Be a Solution in the Mental Health Crisis | RELEVANT

For all the talk about mental health that has become extremely prevalent in 2020, the conversation in faith groups can still be a little stilted. Most people understand, at this point, that acute anxiety is not a symptom on unrepentant sin and a good counselor can be an answer to not a substitute for prayer.... Read more

‘Fox News Republicans’ Believe Christians Face Discrimination in the U.S. | RELEVANT

A new study shows that Republicans who consider Fox News their primary source of information see the world very differently than people who don’t, and that goes for who they think faces discrimination in the U.S. too. Article/Post Source

John Maxwell: Your Life Can Be a Great Story | RELEVANT

When I meet people for the first time, as soon as the introductions are out of the way, I ask them to share their story to tell me who they are and where theyre from, where theyve been and where theyre going. I want to understand what matters to them. Maybe you do the same.... Read more

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Will Debut on HBO Max on Christmas Day | RELEVANT

So, it’s come to this. After a year of COVID-related delays, one of the biggest movies of 2020 will bow on a streaming service where it will likely be the biggest streaming debut of all time.Wonder Woman 1984, the follow-up to 2017’s enormousWonder Woman, is headed to HBO Max on Christmas Day, the same day... Read more

Paris and Damascus Are the Worlds Most and Least Expensive Cities | RELEVANT

Working remotely and thinking about moving for a new adventure? A new list of the worlds most and least expensive cities might factor into your decision. Hong Kong, Paris and Zurich are now the world’s most expensive cities, a new survey has found. Singapore and Osaka, which were tops in previous years, dropped to fourth... Read more

3 Ways You Can Love Those Who Think Differently in Your Life | RELEVANT

We can often be tempted to put our allegiance in the wrong order. If you are an American and you are a Christian, then you are a Christian American. We often view ourselves as American Christians instead of Christians who live in the United States of America. When we struggle to show kindness and seek... Read more

9 Mistakes Every 20something Is Allowed to Make | RELEVANT

Im well into my twenties now, which means Im all too familiar with the pressure to have life figured out. Family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and acquaintances from high school we stalk on Facebook all press us with the idea that we’ve got little margin for error in our twentiesthat life should play out like a... Read more

Here’s Another Trailer for ‘Voices of Fire,’ Pharrell’s Reality Gospel Series | RELEVANT

We’ve got a longer look atVoices of Fire, the Gospel music reality TV series about Bishop Ezekiel Williams’ quest to build the world’s best, most inspirational gospel choir, and the famous, music genius nephew who helped him do it. Yes, Pharrell went back to his home in Virginia Beach to help his uncle see his... Read more

We Used to Ask Institutions to Form Us. Now They Must Affirm Us.

Institutions of every sortreligious, family, media, government, education, and moreare being weakened by various corrosive pressures, both internal and external. Often for good reason, trust in institutions is waning. Weve simply been let down too many times, or witnessed too many toxic or abusive institutions. Forging through life as freelance individuals, disembedded from institutions and... Read more

Stop Praying for Stuff (and Start Praying for God)

In the Lords Prayer (Matt. 6:913; Luke 11:24), Jesus teaches his disciples about the priorities that should shape the prayer life of every believer. This model prayer is full of requestsfor daily bread, forgiveness, leadership, and deliverance. But it also shows that our greatest need is not just to get stuff from God. Our greatest... Read more

2020 Watch: Gritty Took the Enneagram and He Is an Eight | RELEVANT

What is ever going on in 2020? Every day brings us a new headline that shifts our epistemological mooring by being both obviously true but never feeling true. As New York Times op-ed columnist Elizabeth Bruenig had it, “we live in an age where everything is shocking but nothing is surprising.” This goes for COVID-19... Read more

Lecrae Provides the Music in the Magnetic First Trailer for Regina King’s ‘One Night in Miami…’ | RELEVANT

We’re already pretty excited for Regina King’s directorial debutOne Night in Miami…, a film adaptation of Kemp Powers’ stage play about the night Muhammad Ali, Sam Cooke, Malcolm X and Jim Brown met to celebrate Ali’s win over Sonny Liston in 1964. The film earned rave reviews at festivals and there is talk about a... Read more

North Dakota Has the World’s Highest COVID-19 Mortality Rate | RELEVANT

Data from the Federation of American Scientists uncovered a grim and stunning statistic on Wednesday: North Dakota has not only the highest COVID-19 mortality rate of any state in the country; it has the highest COVID mortality rate in the world. Currently, North Dakota has a rate of 18.2 COVID deaths per million people. South... Read more

Avoiding Compassion Fatigue | RELEVANT

In January 2010, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti. The disaster killed more than 250,000 people and left ilie s1 II island nation-the poorest country in the western hemisphere-devastated. Then, in March 2011, an 8.9 earthquake struck Sendai, Japan. Not only was it one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded, it also resulted in a... Read more

Uh, Kurt Russell Has Compared His New Santa Clause Movie to ‘The Passion of the Christ’ | RELEVANT

Well, you read the headline, and the headline doesn’t lie. In an interview with the New York Times, Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn waxed about their new Netflix Christmas franchise The Christmas Chronicles,in which the actually married duo play Santa and Mrs. Clause (who are also actually married, of course) and presumably get into all... Read more

Childlike Faith VS. Childish Faith | RELEVANT

One of my clearest memories of my early childhood was sitting at the bottom of the slide on the swing set in my back yard, on an Indian Summers day in early September. I noticed the big yellow school bus stop outside of my neighbors house to drop him off from Kindergarten, and the thought... Read more

We All Should Have Seen the Beanie Babies Crash Coming, but We Didn’t – Christ and Pop Culture

Every other Wednesday in Fads!Crazes!Panics!,Luke T. Harringtonlooks at one of the random obsessions to have gripped the public mind in the recent past, and tries, in vain, to make sense of it all. In 1995, Chicago-based plush toy manufacturer maker Ty Warner had a problem. Against all odds, he had already built himself a respectable... Read more

The Mandalorian Recap: The Way Is Not This Way (Season 2, Episode 3) – Christ and Pop Culture

Were running a weekly recap of The Mandalorian on Disney+ for season two. There are spoilers, duh! Youve been warned. Before I talk about The Mandalorian, I want to share a personal story. Years ago, I was heavily involved in a small, unnamed network of church plants scattered in university cities around the United States.... Read more

Al Mohler Says Trump’s Rigged Election Comments Are ‘Endangering’ His Legacy | RELEVANT

Al Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, made waves this year when he pivoted on his 2016 stance against President Donald Trump, who he called at the time “the Great Evangelical Embarrassment.” Mohler came around on Trump over the course of his administration and even voted for him in this year’s election, explaining that... Read more

Well, Amazon Is Getting Into the Online Pharmacy Business | RELEVANT

Amazon is doing what Amazon does, shifting its enormous glowing eyes to unconquered terrain. Next up in its conquest: meds. Bezos and Co. are getting into the online pharmacy business, adding insulin, inhalers and prescription refills to their formidable online catalog. Order your meds on Amazon and they’ll show up at your door a couple... Read more

Why Christians Can’t Just ‘Not Care’ About Politics | RELEVANT

American Christians have a long legacy of trying to parse out exactly what counts as political so that we can engage with the parts of the world that go untouched by the corrupting influences of politics. But politics color all aspects of our collective life. Disengaging from politics is impossible, and the effort to do... Read more

Lecrae’s Five Tips for Staying Holistically Healthy in Pandemic Season | RELEVANT

Lecrae’s had an interesting quarantine, between releasing a new album, a deluxe version of that same albumand being a vocal presence in the Black Lives Matter protests that swept the nation over the summer. With that kind of output, a lot of people would forget to focus on themselves and that’d be unfortunate. “You can’t... Read more

Dolly Parton, America’s Brightest Angel, Was a Funder of Moderna’s Promising New COVID Vaccine | RELEVANT

On Monday, new reports of a very promising new COVID-19 vaccine were published from pharmaceutical giant Moderna. At this point, virtuallyanysign that things are looking up on the pandemic front is a cause for celebration, but this particular good news comes with one of the all-time great American soundtracks: Dolly Parton was one of its... Read more