Why Christians Must Not Live by Lies: The Totalitarian Threat

Reading Rod Drehers newest book, Live Not By Lies: A Manual for Christian Dissidents, brought to mind a song from Christian contemporary singer Carman in my early youth-group days: America Again. The song praises the founding fathers and the early American story before shifting to a litany of sins engulfing the nation in the mid-1990s... Read more

What 1 Corinthians 7 Says About Desertion and Divorce

You know marriage is sacred. You committed before friends, family, and God to love your partner for as long as you both shall live. But the violence has gotten worse. What started as an occasional angry outburst has become pushing, hitting, and other scary encounters. You may feel ashamed, sad, angry, or a whole mix... Read more

CDC: Almost Every Child and Teen Who Has Died of COVID-19 Has Been Black or Hispanic | RELEVANT

As you’ve probably heard, the coronavirus is far less dangerous for younger people than it is for elderly folks, but “less danger” isn’t the same as “no danger” and a few cases, children and teenagers have died from COVID-19 complications. According to the CDC, about 0.03 percent of coronavirus cases in people under 21 have... Read more

Jim Carrey Will Play Joe Biden on This Season of ‘SNL’ | RELEVANT

Saturday Night Livewill be back for election season and will continue its recent trend of recruiting some star power to parody notable media figures. Alec Baldwin will stay on as Trump, as you probably guess. And, yes, Maya Rudolph will be on hand to play Senator Kamala Harris. And for the Democratic nominee, none other... Read more

Making the Most of Any Relationship Status | RELEVANT

Whatever your relationship status, relationships can be consuming. Those who lack one fixate on getting one. Those who get one fixate on what its lacking. When we face roadblocks within our relationships, its easy to focus outward, becoming mentally consumed by the things we have no power over. But what if we were challenged to... Read more

John MacArthur Will Continue to Hold In-Church Services in Defiance of Local Guidelines | RELEVANT

California pastor and theologian John MacArthur took to Fox News’ The Ingraham Angle to make it clear that he plans to continue holding pandemic-era in-door church services in defiance of local restrictions, telling Laura Graham he is willing to go to jail over it after a Los Angeles County judge upheld local health guidelines prohibiting... Read more

Four Misunderstandings About Racial Reconciliation | RELEVANT

One of the many reasons we need to read the Prophets is because they speak to the public dimension of Gods love. Many of us have experienced the personal or private dimension of Gods love; we know what its like to receive his grace and kindness personally. But the prophets remind us that Gods love... Read more

Skyfall and Spectre: The Bonds of Family – Christ and Pop Culture

**Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for the James Bond films Skyfall and Spectre.** Orphans always make the best recruits, remarks M (Judi Dench), the ice-cold spymaster, while standing in the frigid Scottish Highlands with her loyal protector, James Bond (Daniel Craig), by her side. She is, of course, referring to Bondthe iconic protagonist of... Read more

A Whistleblower Is Alleging Mass Hysterectomies of ICE Detainees | RELEVANT

A nurse who worked for Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Georgia has joined four lawyers representing clients who say detained immigrant women are being routinely subjected to unnecessary gynecological procedures, including hysterectomies. Three of the lawyers identified a doctor named Dr. Mahendra Amin of Douglas, Georgia as the person behind the procedures. Amin has received... Read more

Condemning Cuties Should Be Noncontroversial

One of the most disturbing things about Netflixs Cuties is that many ostensibly sophisticated, cultured people seem bent on defending and redeeming what is, in the end, an irredeemably problematic film. Ive watched Cuties (reluctantly), and its true the film is attempting to critique rather than to celebrate the exploitative sexualizing of young girls. But... Read more

Christians, Lets All Stop Doing These 15 Things on Social Media | RELEVANT

What you do and say on social media actually matters.While many Christians carry themselves with kindness and grace at church, once they tap that social media app they transform into some kind of snarling beast. Christians are called to be Christs ambassadors: Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us (2... Read more

When It Comes to the Environment, Little Changes Do Make a Big Difference | RELEVANT

If there is one question I am sure to get any time I speak on our personal responsibility to seek justice, its what difference any of this makes. Why bother changing my light bulbs to CFLs? Can buying fair trade really help farmers? Do my consumer choices really matter? In other words, how big of... Read more

COVID-19 Is Our Monster and Our Mirror – Christ and Pop Culture

In film and literature, monsters are often thought of as other-worldly, inhuman, or a stand-in for the other. According to this understanding, a monster is frightening to us because of its unfamiliarity to us. . . . we as Americans are not as totally independent and isolated from others as we often like to believe.But... Read more

Survey: Almost Two-Thirds of Young US Adults Don’t Know Six Million Jews Died in the Holocaust | RELEVANT

A new survey commissioned by theConference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (Claims Conference) has found some troubling results about the contemporary understanding of the Holocaust among young American adults. Specifically, nearly two-thirds of the millennial and Gen Z adults aged between 18 and 39 did not know that six million Jews were killed in... Read more

This Church Paid Off $19 Million in Chicagoans’ Medical Bills | RELEVANT

VIVE Chicago a satellite member of the VIVE Church collective is the latest church to take local medical debt by the horns and leverage member donations to make an enormous difference. By partnering with the New-York-based non-profit RIP Medical Debt, they were able to transform $100,000 in donations into paying off $19 million in local... Read more

The Maryland Episcopal Diocese Has Pledged a Million Dollars Towards Racial Reconciliation | RELEVANT

The Maryland diocese of the Episcopal Church has become the latest religious institution to pledge racial reparations for slavery and systemic racism. The church voted last weekend overwhelmingly in favor of a million dollar seed fund that would go towards programs that would benefit Black people in Baltimore and across the state. Officials say the... Read more

The City of Louisville Will Pay $12 Million to Breonna Taylor’s Family | RELEVANT

Breonna Taylor’s family will settle its wrongful death lawsuit with the City of Louisville for $12 million, according to the New York Times. The settlement also includes changes to the laws around how Louisville police conduct raids, in an effort to reduce policing deaths. Among the reforms included in the settlement are more thorough inspections... Read more

Practicing Christians Are Actually Becoming Less Motivated to Address Racial Justice | RELEVANT

As the protests against racial injustice have sprung up across the country and around the world, few issues seem to be closer to the forefront of Americans in 2020. The deaths of Black people like Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd and Breonna Taylor fanned the flames of a movement that had been growing for the last... Read more

The Trailer for Season Two of ‘The Mandalorian’ Is Here to Show You the Way | RELEVANT

When we left our pals the Mandalorian and Baby Yod er, “The Child” they had gotten out of dodge in a hurry and were off for more adventures in other parts of a galaxy far, far away. From the look of things, season two picks up right where the first one left us, with our... Read more

Persuasion 201 | Taking America Back for God

Taking an active role in shaping our communitiesand nationis a valid way for us to fulfill Jesus’ mandate to love our neighbor. Such work is both Christian and political. It’s that intersection we’re exploring in this For God and Country series. Once we determine it is our duty to work toward the common good in... Read more

Promise and Peril: The Decline of Religion in America

The following is an uncorrected transcript generated by a transcription service. Before quoting in print, please check the corresponding audio for accuracy. Collin Hansen: Before the coronavirus pandemic, American religiosity had been in steady decline. When American religiosity peaked in 1960, one in two adults in the United States attended any religious service in a... Read more

Is Your Church Prepared to Help America Face the Looming Eviction Crisis? | RELEVANT

As Harold put away the groceries he received from his churchs food pantry, he found himself treating his cabinets and kitchen appliances with more care, the way people do when they are guests in an acquaintances home. He knew that soon a stranger would occupy his apartment. Unsure of where he and his sons would... Read more

The Electric First Trailer for Aaron Sorkin’s ‘The Trial of the Chicago Seven’ Is Here | RELEVANT

Aaron Sorkin not only wrote but directed his take on the true story of the Chicago Seven the men who were arrested while protesting at the 1968 Democratic National Convention, setting off one of the strangest trials in American history. Your tolerance for Sorkin probably largely depends on how much you enjoy cartwheeling dialog and... Read more

2020 Watch: Researchers Have Found Signs of ‘Possible’ Life on Venus | RELEVANT

2020 can and will get weirder before it’s all over and, for all we know, the end may come from above. Yes,Nature Astronomyhas published a report from a team of researchers led by Jane Greaves from Cardiff University. They found huge quantities phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus quantities of gas that can not, as... Read more

Stop Giving This Relationship Advice | RELEVANT

Have you ever received or given this sort of marriage advice? Serve her in the kitchen, and youll get some in the bedroom! Make sure you let your husband shop in your store *wink wink* or he will shop somewhere else! Sex is the barometer of your marriage, so make sure youre having lots of... Read more

Black Lives Matter: No, We’re Not Trying to ‘Destroy Christianity’ | RELEVANT

Over the weekend, Black Lives Matter released a statement addressing some comments from Pat Robertson, who claimed the BLM movement is “anti-God.” Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of the organization, denounced Robertson’s comments in no uncertain terms. “To insinuate that our movement is trying to destroy Christianity is disgraceful and outright offends our Christian siblings who are... Read more

What Do We Owe Each Other While We Wait for The Good Place? – Christ and Pop Culture

Hell is other people. At least thats what Jean-Paul Sarte argues in the play No Exit and what C. S. Lewis displays in The Great Divorce. Hell consists of people moving further and further away from each other because they cant get along. (And anyone on social media can get on board with that reasoning.)... Read more

Where Is God When Your Dog Dies?

Wolf, our white German shepherd, was diagnosed with a tumor two months ago. Although he’s only nine years old, he moves with more and more difficulty. Weve watched the growing pain in his eyes, the slowing of his once-tireless gait. Its a malignant tumor in the spleen and liver. As it increases in size, it... Read more

Why Is Praying So Hard? | RELEVANT

Be honest for a minute: How is your prayer life? That’s what we call it, right? We’re good Christians, and we have this compartmentalized section in our lives that is called our “prayer life.” Because, you know, prayer takes on a life of its own I guess? I say that not as a person who... Read more